How to Install a Night Light Electrical Switch

Every single night we leave about 100 lights or nightlight on so when the kids wander out of their rooms to ours the path is well illuminated! The kids bedrooms are on one side of the house and the master is on the other. I have a love-hate relationship with this. Right now I hate it for no other reason other than I’m a chicken…but when the kids are older I am sure I will love it!  So in an effort to make my house more mommy & kid friendly AND cut down on my electrical bill I teamed up with the Radiant Collection by Legrand to make my hallways totally awesome!!

I did receive the products free of charge to me by Legrand but all opinions are my own. Read more about my policy here.

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I have tackled electrical work before but luckily for me my dad was in town – a retired electrician of 44 years! So rather than do it myself, I let the expert take over and complete the project in less than 5 minutes! The hardest part was figuring out which switch on the electrical box was for the switches that we replaced! (tip: label, label, label!! The builders were very vague when filling in our boxes so we went back and labeled them with exact rooms and switches).

How to Install an Electrical Switch Night Light

  1. Purchase Radiant Night + Light Switch and Switch Plate
  2. Turn off power at electrical box
  3. Remove switch plate
  4. Remove switch screws
  5. Determine wire configuration – single or 3 way

5. Disconnect wires from the old switch

6. Reconnect wires in the proper location of the new switch following the instructions provided on the package

7. Remount switch to switch box

8. Remount switch plate

9. Turn power back on at the electrical box

10. Test power and enjoy!

I really love how the Radiant night lights automatically turn on and off. There is a sensor in the night light so for instance when the sun comes up and hits the sensor the night light automatically turns off. Or when the light from another room (i.e. the bathroom) turns on it automatically turns the night light off as well. However, there is a bit of a delay (around 2 seconds) for the night light to turn back on once the surrounding light turns back off. So if your kids are afraid of the dark this may be an issue.

The lights are also LED so they will last a lot longer than regular incandescent lights and will save money on your electric bill!! Woot woot!

Who Are These Lights Great For?

KIDS – So many kids are afraid of the dark and prefer to sleep with a light on. Turning on night lights can be a hassle or you may forget. These Radiant night light switch are the perfect solution since they turn on and off automatically!

OLDER ADULTS – Being a Recreational Therapist who worked in the Long-Term care field, I saw first-hand so so so many older adults who had tripped and fallen during the night trying to get to the bathroom. These Radiant night light switch would be perfect for eliminating or reducing falls in seniors.

The Radiant Collection by Legrand has many more products as well! You can update your entire house with beautiful light switches, dimmer switches, fan speed controls, USB outlets and more! **don’t forget to get your switch plates when you purchase new switch fixtures!

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  1. You missed a huge critical step between 6 and 7. These types of switches are their own load and require a neutral wire connection – that’s the bundle of white wires with the wire nut on them. You better advise your readers how to properly connect the neutral wires to the switch or it will never work. And adding ‘also connect the white wire’ is incorrect.

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