Crafts Turned Birthday Presents

I think we’ll just call this craft week…

My kiddos have been invited to several birthdays in the past several months. For this crafty mommy I’ve been totally enjoying it! I’ve let my creative juices flow a little bit and come up with some cute gifts (well at least I think so). I didn’t take pictures to create tutorials along the way (sorry sorry sorry, but I was kind of being lazy), so below are just pictures of what I have made!

Personalized Hair Bow Holder

You may remember from this post the hair bow holder I made for our neighbor’s first birthday. I really really love that one! We had a twin party to go to so I wanted to create a hair bow holder that both of the girls could use/share. I came up with this while I was cleaning out my craft closet. I found two matching picture frames and my brain got a turnin’! I spray painted the frames white, cut a piece of wood to fit both of the frames and routered the edges. I then painted it white and painted letters for each of their initials (which I bought at Hobby Lobby). I then pulled off the stand part of the picture frame, painted the “inside” piece of cardboard white and then glued it back in to the frame but left the glass out. I then glued the letters to the inside of the picture frames (with Gorilla glue). I then attached a sawtooth picture hanger to the back of the board with the drill. I used a nail gun to attach the ribbon to the back.  I then used liquid nails (because I was working on this project at the same time) to attach the frames to the wood board.

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Twins hair bow holder
Each of the girl's initials
Routered edges

Bid Kid Hooded Towel

I made these for my kids a couple of months ago because I was so sick and tired of their hoodie towels being soooo itsy bitsy on them and not covering them past their waists! I didn’t want to buy any from the store because they were all kiddy and immature looking (as you can guess, I did not decorate their bathroom very kidish…I will post pictures soon!) The kids and I totally love the towels!…I  want one!

I cut a hand towel in half length wise and sewed a ribbon trim on. I sewed the back of the towel shut to create the hood part and then sewed it on to the towel. Ta da!!

Big kid hooded bath towel
Trimmed with a lime and pink flower ribbon (sewn on)

I have made these now for several birthday gifts and everyone has really enjoyed them. For the twins I alternated the colors making one like the picture above and the other with a pink hood and green body.

Doll Crib Bedding

My super adorable niece recently celebrated her first birthday. She and Little Finch both have life size dolls that my mom bought for them…the girls are obsessed with thrm. However, all of the cribs, strollers, high chairs, etc at the stores never fit these baby dolls…except the American Doll Bitty Baby set. This past spring I bought an entire Bitty Baby set (crib, bedding (a couple sets), diaper bag, changing table, covers, blankets, high chair, etc) for Little Finch at an estate sale for pennies compared to what it really costs brand new (insane amounts of $$$!!)

I found a similar crib the same size as the Bitty Baby online so I ordered it. I copied our Bitty Baby crib bedding set and made a set for my niece. Like the hair bow holder, I really should make some of these special for Little Finch (but after making them for others I kind of don’t feel like making more, anyone else like that?!?)

Doll crib bedding
Sides that close and...
Open with velcro
I also made a matching comforter blanket and a 2nd one with coordinating colors (so when she wants to change her baby's bedroom around she can! 😉 )

I will have to share some more of my “wood projects” in the upcoming weeks. I think Lover Boy is actually becoming pretty impressed with some of the things I’ve been creating using all of his power tools!

Happily Crafting,

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  1. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog about my micro preemie 😉 We received one of these hoodie towels at his baby shower (while he was in the NICU!) and he still uses it. It reminds me I need to make one for baby boy #2 🙂 Great post.

  2. Thanks for the hooded towel! We use it for almost every bath time. 🙂

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