6 Tips for Decorating Your Mantle

6 tips for decorating your mantle

Decorating your mantle doesn’t need to be as hard as we often make it. I know personally I’ve struggled over the years getting my mantle to look the way it does in my head or in all of the gorgeous photos online. I often put this crazy, totally unnecessary pressure on myself to create these beautiful, show-stopping mantles…and why? Who is really going to see them?

In an effort to help put my mantle decor together, quickly and successfully, I follow six simple steps…

Six steps to follow to create beautiful mantles!

  1. Gather your decor
    When I start to decorate my mantle, I pull a bunch of random decor items I have stashed away in my attic or in drawers of hutches around my house ??. Usually this results in a big mess…but as I always say, messes turn into greatness! Even after all of these years, my poor hubby can’t grasp this concept, lol! I drive him nuts. Some of my favorite items to gather are:
    ? greenery
    ? flowers
    ⛄️  holiday decor
    ? antiques, thrift store finds, etc
    ? candles, etc
    ? windows, small doors or mirrors
    ? baskets and other filler items
    ? wreaths
How to decorate mantles

2. Add and subtract
I then start to add pieces up on the mantle and then take some away.

3. Depth and height
Remember that your mantle decor doesn’t just have to be ON your mantle. Your decor can come down on the ground surrounding your fireplace insert and more.
Fill the space all around and to the top! You can always take things away if it looks like too much.

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3. Walk away
I keep rearranging until I finally have the look I am going for. Sometimes I let all of the decor sit for a day and then take a look at it the next day with fresh eyes. It’s kind of like looking at paint samples…all of the colors start to look the same after some time.

4. Take a photo!
This sounds so silly, but it’s so true. I whip out my phone and snap a photo. Sometimes seeing things in a photo makes you notice things you didn’t in person. Usually what I see here are voids and gaps that need to be filled.

5. Finish
Wrap up any loose ends and call it a day! Take pride in your work and know that this is not permanent! Your mantle decor can change as often as you want it!

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