Valentine’s Day Decor

Looking for a simple to way decorate for Valentine’s Day? Here are my tips for decorating that won’t take long to put away.

White roses

I have definitely been in a funk since uprooting from North Carolina to Wisconsin. I’m certain, that there really is no need to even explain why if you are familiar with geography and climate of the USA. HAHA! But, despite the obvious reasons, this move has just been hard. I don’t like to admit it much because it just seems like I’m complaining…but ya’ll, its been a super sucky 3 years.

Leaving your life behind, leaving your friends and connections, leaving your homes (yes, we’ve moved a lot), leaving behind a culture that had become “familiar”, leaving behind amazing weather…to trade it in for cold weather, a house fire that turned into an awful situation that keeps on “giving”, no ocean, no mountains, and the feeling of unconnected, really starts to weigh on a person.

I’ve eluded to the fact that I’ve recently had a bunch of medical tests done. The doctors think that part of my issue is due to stress. While I disagree – I think it’s more being unsettled, not connected and frankly missing my normal outlets of fun/stress relief. I know change is necessary – and I’ve always been fine with it…but this time it’s just really hard.

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Valentine's Day Dinner

In an effort to focus on the good and on the things that matter most to me, I planned a candlelight Valentine’s Day dinner for my little family {like I used to do every year} and we all enjoyed a wonderful evening at home (after baseball and horseback riding, of course, lol!)

Valentine’s Day Decor

I tamed my over-decorating self to a minimum this year {here’s last year’s Valentine’s Day mantle decor} . Don’t get me wrong, I love the decorating part of the holidays and the way it makes your home and guests feel…I just don’ like putting things away! (like, I may or may not have actually just taken the ribbon and bows down from my exterior porch today in real life 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️…it’s so cold here, that’s my excuse!) So, I kept things super simple so I don’t have to spend a lot of time putting the Valentine’s Day decor away!

Valentine's Day Mantle Decor | Gathered In The Kitchen

The garland and cute little plaid XO tags came from Dollar Tree. Despite the fact that I didn’t do a great job of making my garland even – haha, photos never lie!! – I loved how $2.50 really made my mantle feel super festive!

XO hugs and kisses Dollar Tree Valentine's Day Mantle Decor

The cute candy jar is from Walmart and the gold vases are from HomeGoods.

Valentine's Day Mantle Decor

I threw in a few Victorian farmhouse inspired pieces…

Farmhouse Mantle Decor | Gathered In The Kitchen
Distressed Corbels Farmhouse Mantle Decor | Gathered In The Kitchen

I bought this handmade metal angel at a fundraising event for Haiti missions.

made in Haiti metal angle art
Valentine's Day Decor | Gathered In The Kitchen
Victorian Fireplace with Birch Logs
old sewing cabinet with vintage books and flower pot
How to decorate with old books

A little Valentine’s Day decor in the kitchen…

Valentine's Day Decor | Gathered In The Kitchen

And a little in the bathroom…

Valentine's Day Decor | Gathered In The Kitchen

For our candlelight dinner, I pulled out my vintage Ruby Red Boopie Bubble Glasses. I just absolutely love them!

Vintage Ruby Red Boopie Bubble Glasses - red depression glass

I also used my deviled egg platter for the hand drizzled chocolate strawberries and grapes I made!

hand drizzled chocolate strawberries and grapes

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day…and that you felt loved and connected!

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