January Mantle Decor

Happy 2021!!!

As part of the new year and us being back in our home (updates coming soon, I promise!) I am kicking off the year with a new series: Monthly Mantle Decor!!!

I personally love looking at mantle decor, it’s one of my most searched topics on Pinterest! (p.s. follow me there!) Changing up my mantle decorations is something I love to do for every holiday.

How to transition from Christmas mantle decor to neutral winter decor for a beautiful January mantle!

Tips for decorating your mantle:

I often feel that decorating your mantle can be a hard task. With all of the beautiful images online and in magazines, I feel like I need to create these show-stopping, magazine worthy mantles…and I always fall short. I have come to learn that my personal style and taste IS good enough! At the end of the day, my family and I are mainly the ones who see it…and to be honest, my kids and husband don’t really care the way I care, so it’s silly to put these expectations out there that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of life!

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So with that said, I have shared all of my mantle decorating tips HERE. Six easy tips I follow when putting together my decorations. Six tips that anyone can follow! No decorating experience needed, nor brand new gorgeous decorations from HomeGoods each time!

6 tips for decorating your mantle
6 Tips for Decorating Your Mantle

When I start to decorate my mantle, I pull a bunch of random decor items I have stashed away in my attic or in drawers of hutches around my house ??. Usually this results in a big mess…but as I always say, messes turn into greatness! Even after all of these years, my poor hubby can’t grasp this concept, lol! I drive him nuts.

How to decorate mantles

Once I’ve made a huge mess, I start by adding and subtracting items. Grouping and regrouping items, filling in all of the space above the mantle and remembering to place items down by the fireplace insert.

Once I had everything where I wanted it, and I put away all of the un-used items, I ended up with…

farmhouse style decor on antique mantle

As part of my new monthly mantle series, I am going to share where I purchased everything because I personally know, that’s always something I want to know when I see items I like in photos!

farmhouse themed mantle decor

Arched distressed window = @homegoods
Large mirror = @homedepot
Old, paint peeling window frame = thrift shop

January mantle decor ideas after Christmas

Burlap pines = @hobbylobby

Scrolly wooden box (actually a shelf turned upside down) = @hobbylobby
Greenery plants = @ikeausa

wooden bead garland, old window, coffee filter wreath, copper urn and vintage readers digest books sitting on mantle

Coffee filter wreath = made by me (tutorial HERE)

wooden bead garland, old window, coffee filter wreath, copper urn and vintage readers digest books sitting on mantle

Copper urn = thrift shop
Vintage Reader’s Digest gold paged books = thrift shop
Bead garland = made by me (tutorial HERE)
Ornamental item = thrift shop

birch logs and candlesticks sitting by antique 1900s Aldine Fireplace.

Copper log holder = thrift shop
Birch tree logs = thrift shop (post HERE on Instagram)
Flower holder = Walmart
Cotton Bawls = Little mom & pop shop in North Carolina
Candle stick holders = Walmart (painting tutorial HERE…all the way back in 2011!)
Wooden box = antique shop
Large crock = estate sale

And there you have it! January’s mantle. Simple but fresh, something I desperately look forward to after Christmas!

farmhouse themed mantle decor

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