Velcro Closure Toothbrush Travel Case/Holder

My mom came to town a couple of weeks ago so the kiddos were going to spend the night at my parent’s place. As I was packing their suitcases I decided that they needed a toothbrush holder – and one that wasn’t just a plastic bag that gets all nasty. So…I pulled a typical me and ran up to my sewing machine and scrap stash and started creating.

I decided to make the holder velcro all of the way around to ensure the items would not fall out, as well as making it “kid friendly” to open and close.

I also made it slip pocket style so it would be easy for my daughter to take out/put back her toothbrush and toothpaste.

toothbrush holder collage1

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I created this pattern on a total whim with no pattern. I actually took pictures to create a tutorial for this but in all honesty it makes no sense! It would be way too hard to explain with just pictures and text. There’s velcro all of the way up on one side of each inside and outside piece…but some of the velcro is on the opposite side (notice at the top of the right side the velcro doesn’t go all of the way up – the rest of the velcro is on the other side to accommodate for the fold over to hold in the items – told ya, it’s super complicated to explain! 🙁

Since I am not providing a tutorial for this one, I searched for something similar to share with you guys. I wasn’t able to find any toothbrush holders with velcro, but was able to find one with a tie from Just Call Me Braxton – click HERE for tutorial.

Happy crafting!!

 photo eb2082ff-b3a8-4379-b2b4-393f834e0b54_zps979e9eed.jpg

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