How To Slice A Pineapple

My son LOVES pineapple and is always asking me to buy it. If it wasn’t for my trusty ol’ pineapple slicer I seriously don’t think I’d be so apt to buy it every time he asks!


Oddly enough I actually bought this slicer back when I was in high school because my then boyfriend’s dad had one and I was so impressed that the next time I saw it at the grocery store I bought one with of course my parent’s money …and obviously kept it all these years later. Apparently I have always been a little Suzy Homemaker 🙂 (or some may just call me a dork, lol)


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Back in college, good ol’ Harley decided he wanted pineapple one day – ugh that dog of mine!!

1) Slice off the top of the pineappleP1040136

2) Place these sharp teeth down on the pineapple.

P10401313) Use this handle to twist in a clockwise rotation using very minimal pressure


4) Press the two black buttons and remove the top of the handle from the baseP1040137

5) Slide off your pineappleP1040138

This is what the inside of the “shell” looks like. There’s lots of yummy juice left to drink or use in a smoothie!!

These shells would be so cute with cut up fruit in it for a party!

Enjoy you perfectly sliced pineapple!

You can purchase your own slicer HERE

Screenshot 2014-09-25 00.00.17

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