Inspired by Disney’s Frozen Olaf The Snowman Valentines with Printable

If you follow me on Facebook or have been reading my latest posts you know that my kids LOVE the new Disney movie, Frozen. I always make my kid’s Valentine cards that they hand out so when I saw this Olaf idea I knew I HAD to make it!


I found the printable from The Party’s Over Here


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1) Print and cut out the tags

2) Add food goods to the little baggies

3) Seal off the top of the bags opening with tape so the items don’t fall out

4) Staple tag to bag

**TA DA!! And there you have it! Aren’t they SUPER ADORABLE?!?! I just totally am smitten with them!

I bought the little baggies in the cake decorating isle at Wal-Mart (50 in a pack).

I added:

2 large marshmallows

3 small marshmallows

2 pretzel sticks

5-8 mini chocolate chips


  1. Danielle - The Party's Over Here says:

    Hi there! I’m glad you like the printable! I was hoping I was hoping you could actually mention my blog, it’s work creating those puppies. Thanks!

    1. Sure thing!! Just updated it! Thanks for the creating us cute printables!

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