My Post Run/Workout Meal

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Something I’ve learned about recently…

My hubby has been preaching to me for YEARS that I don’t get enough protein in my daily diet. (I really am not a huge fan of meat or nuts)

I had no idea how important protein was until I started researching it for myself…honestly, I was hoping to prove him wrong. 
And actually, all I did was prove myself wrong and him right! You actually are “supposed” to get around 0.36 grams of protein per pound each day!!! 😳😳
Protein is needed for:
✅ building and repairing cells
✅healthy hair, nails, skin and more
✅maintaining a healthy weight and creating lean muscle 
✅curbing hunger 

My kids drink a protein shake every day (they looove it!) and I’m going to join them! I just ran 1.5 miles and am drinking my favorite all-natural chocolate shake with whole milk (no shame here – I seriously don’t like the other kinds of “milk!”

Post Run Meal:
💥20 grams protein
💥3 grams of leucine
💥only 3 grams of carbs 
💥only 1 gram of sugar
💥no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives 
💥extra delicious!

❓❓❓who else is with me and comes no where close to eating the amount of protein you should in a day? (I need 55grams a day! 😳😬)

My Favorite Protein Supplement

Shaklee Build Protein | Gathered In The Kitchen

Where To Buy Shaklee Build Protein?

I’ve been using Shaklee products since 2014, and love them! You can purchase the Shaklee Build protein shake HERE!

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