Sneaking Veggies into Breakfast

Getting Little Finch to eat healthy is a task in itself. However, she is OBSESSED with milk (literally drinks 1 gallon by herself each week). So sometimes I just give up. It’s easier to just give in to whatever she will eat rather than fight with her. However, this morning I decided to try something new. Veggie loaded scrambled eggs. Today it worked. However, I’m sure if I were to try this again tomorrow I would hear “it’s gross”.

Veggie Loaded Scrambled Eggs

This is how I made them:

Start by chopping up a little green pepper and onion REALLY small. Peel the skin off of the tomato and then chop into bite size pieces
In a skillet heat up 1/2tsp butter
Cook green peppers and onions for about 3-5 minutes - just to soften them up
Add in eggs (I used 4). Let them harden a little bit...
Before scrambling the eggs add in tomatoes and Velveeta cheese (great for melting)
Then scramble
Serve's Up! (haha I'm so funny!
Loves it!
"Really good bek fast!"
Mommy's version...wrapped in a warm corn tortilla


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-Green peppers





-Velveeta Cheese

-Salt & Pepper

-Corn tortilla (optional)


Who cares today! These are healthy! Eat as many as you want! 😉 Really I have no idea how much I used of each item (other than the eggs and butter) so it’s hard to say. Plus you may like to add other veggies, more cheese, no cheese, etc.



*Little Sparrow

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  1. Rebecca Vander Hamm says:

    When I add veggies to my eggs I typically add: cheese, broccoli/or spinach, bacon/ham, and tomatoes. They are delish!

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