Funny Laundry Room Sign | How To Make A Sign with A Silhouette Cameo

Looking to make a customized wooden sign but not sure how to? This tutorial will walk you through each step of the way from creating the design, cutting the design to applying the design to your item of choice.

I am definitely the kind of person who loves to make my home decor. I like to customize my decor by hand making many of the items.

If you’re like me, you dread the chore of laundry! I decided to spruce up my laundry room decor with this funny sign that you can make with this how-to tutorial!

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Laundry Room Decor

You may recall my laundry room makeover that went from a fire destroyed, non-functioning pig stye to a beautifully organized floral oasis! I am happy to report, that I still love my laundry room a year later! 

When I designed the space, I had to throw a little mom humor into the room. Which, let’s just pause here real quick. Mom humor is no where near as funny as dad humor. Mom humor is basically telling the truth and hoping someone feels sorry for us! HA!

Vintage Hand Embroidered Linens

When I came across a design at Silhouette, I knew it was the one for me!

My then 12-year old daughter was into using my Dixie Belle chalk paint and buying small wooden pieces at our local thrift store and then giving them a makeover. One of the items she had bought was this super cute chalkboard shelf holder thingy. Like all good moms out there, I took it from her and used it for myself!

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Funny Laundry Room Sign | How To Make A Sign with A Silhouette Cameo

For a more detailed how-to tutorial, see this tutorial.

How To Make A Sign with A Silhouette Cameo

  1. Create design

    Create design in Silhouette Studio. I bought this design by Jillibean Soup in Silhouette Studio.How To Make A Wood Sign | Gathered In The Kitchen

  2. Cut design

    Cut design using Silhouette CameoHow To Cut Vinyl on Silhouette Cameo

  3. Weed design

    Weed your designHow To Cut Vinyl on Silhouette Cameo

  4. Transfer design

    Transfer design to transfer paper over top of stencilHow To Cut Vinyl on Silhouette Cameo

  5. Apply design

    Apply design to chalkboardHow To Cut Vinyl on Silhouette Cameo

  6. Remove transfer paper

    Remove transfer paper from the design revealing the vinyl lettering. Do this carefully and slowly, ensuring that the vinyl does not peel back off of the chalkboardHow To Cut Vinyl on Silhouette Cameo

  7. Hang

    Hang and display!How To Make A Wood Sign

laundry room with floral wallpaper and open shelves

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