How To Make Outdoor Hanging Ghosts With Styrofoam Balls And Fabric

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Looking to add some outdoor Halloween decor to your home on the cheap? These DIY Halloween hanging ghost outdoor decoration are easily made with a styrofoam ball, white muslin fabric and a black and white polka dot ribbon!

victorian home decorated for halloween

Decorating your outdoors for Halloween has never been easier with these cute little hanging ghosts made from styrofoam balls and fabric. These hanging ghosts look great with these outdoor Halloween decorations, these spooky mantle Halloween decorations, these decorated foam pumpkins or these scrap wood pumpkins.

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These are the supplies to make 4 hanging ghosts

  • #4 Foam balls
  • white muslin fabric
  • black and white polka dot ribbon
  • floral wire
foam balls, white muslin fabric, polkadot ribbon and floral wire

Let’s Make DIY Halloween Ghosts Together!

Step 1:

Cut 1 yard white muslin fabric into 4 equal squares

white muslin fabric being cut with rotary tool

Step 2:

Lay muslin fabric square flat. Place styrofoam ball in the middle and gather pointed ends of fabric

white muslin fabric and styrofoam ball

Step 3:

Gather fabric around the styrofoam ball and pinch with your fingers

Step 4:

Tie long bow using a piece or black and white polka dot ribbon around the neck of the ghost

Step 5:

Heat seal the edges of the ribbon using a lighter

heat sealing the edges of ribbon with a lighter

Step 6:

Tie a piece of floral wire around each ghost and hang outside. I hung my cute little ghost on my hanging basket rings!

Halloween Front Porch Decor | Gathered In The Kitchen
victorian home decorated for halloween

How To Make These Ghosts Waterproof

Fortunately, my front porch is covered, so I don’t need to worry about them getting wet with rain (or snow here in Wisconsin, that likes to come early in October! haha).

To be able to hang these ghosts in the open or in your yard from trees, make these ghosts with a cheap white tablecloth from the party section at Walmart or Dollar Tree. Assemble the ghosts the same way as above.

These little ghosts also look super cute inside! Hang them on your October/Halloween mantle to make it more spooky!

How To Make Outdoor Hanging Ghosts With Styrofoam Balls And Fabric

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