My 2014 Shaklee Story Recap: Accomplishments & Goals

I think it’s so important to set goals for yourself and then revisit them and see where you succeed and where you still need some work. For years now Lover Boy and I have been writing goals…however, I’ll be honest, we’re usually really good at sticking to them for a couple of months and then some how we just magically forget about them. Funny how that happens 😉

But…like I said, I think it’s important to focus on what you accomplished or did well. So as I’ve been cleaning up our Christmas explosion and packing up decorations I’ve had some time to reflect on how 2014 went. And I’m so happy to say that I think it went really well!! In terms of my blog and my unexpected Shaklee business, I feel I finally found my rhythm or passion in this chapter of life I’m in – outside of being a mommy and wife (because nothing will ever surpass that!)

I am going to break this up into two blog posts, simply so I can look back on it next  year and see what I have accomplished and what I still have yet to. Also, I’d like each of these blogs posts to serve as a huge THANK YOU to those who have supported me in both realms. When I really stop and think about it, I am so fortunate to have such wonderful, supportive people in my life.

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So without further ado, I’m going to start with my Shaklee business.

My 2014 Shaklee Story Recap

If you know me personally or have been following my blog for some time now, you know that I began using Shaklee because of my oldest son’s Eczema. You can read about that HERE. After having success clearing up his skin in just 4 days I knew that I wanted to partake in the business solely for receiving a better discount on my own purchases. I thought that maybe by some lucky happening maybe my parents would want to order the vitamins. But that was as far as I allowed my brain to go with developing a business. I honestly didn’t want one because I had my sewing/embroidery business going on, my blog and well just being a mommy to 3 kids under 5 at the time was enough of a job, I didn’t need more added to my plate.

Although I had no intentions of building a business I was really interested in listening in on our team calls and webinars where I had the opportunity to learn more about our products and how they helped certain health issues.. I have a degree in Recreational Therapy and I had always loved my medical classes (and obviously working in the field) that I was enjoying every moment of listening in (on mute, while my kids were crazy aliens in the background) 🙂

I occasionally posted about Shaklee here on my blog but that was pretty much the extent of it. I hadn’t reached a level of comfortableness to share with others…and it showed, because I hadn’t made a single sale outside of my own purchases and 2 orders from my parents over the timeframe of April – September!! I owe a huge thank you to my upline, and friend since Kindergarten, Katie, for being supportive and allowing me to run my business at my own pace – and not set goals for me or become frustrated that I was well, doing nothing 🙂

Finally September rolls around and my good friend and neighbor, Sandi, finally asked me about Shaklee. You have no idea how excited I was!  I finally had the excuse I was looking for…talk to someone about Shaklee but have it be on their own terms: not me bringing up Shaklee and feeling like a salesperson. Since I had invested so much into learning about what products work for what during the time I was “doing nothing sales wise” I was all geared up to talk to her! Needless to say she became my very first real customer AND my very first downline Distributor!! Since I use my social media outlets a lot (compared to people without blogs or businesses based online) I obviously was thrilled to show the world that I had a team member!! …and you know what? It started a domino effect. Four more of my good friends spread out across the country contacted ME in September to find out more about Shaklee…and guess what happened with them also? They ALL became distributors!! Now I had a team of 5 in the matter of one month! I was so pumped and excited.

(Side story: many of you know that I ran Cross County & Track competitively for 10 years. I sure as heck know the importance of a team. It takes support from others to do great things and accomplish goals. It’s very very difficult to do BIG things on your own without any type of support. I also am a natural born leader. I will admit, I like being in charge and getting the satisfaction that I helped others accomplish something. I’m super competitive and like to win. So in a sense, building a Shaklee team was the perfect scenario! —so who of you is going to join me next?? 😉 )

At the end of September I was asked by my Master Coordinator, Barb, to go speak at a Shaklee conference in Chapel Hill, NC about my son’s Eczema as well as how I had grown my team.

chapel hill

This was really exciting for me to get to do. I felt validated for what I was doing!…and that is something that is really important for my personality type.

If signing up 5 new Distributors wasn’t enough, in October I welcomed my 6th Distributor who worked really hard and became a Director herself, therefore, bumping me to Senior Director (honestly I was just in shock by this point. I could not believe that all of this GREATNESS was even happening! That team has now expanded to a total of 6 Distributors, making my overall team 12 in just 2 months! Really that is just insane! But totally shows the power of Shaklee and how amazing of a company it truly is!


Because of these accomplishments I was able to afford a new car for my hubby!! Something I had wanted for him for a loooong time! His new car sure beats the 2001 Neon I bought in College that he’s been driving around for so many years “because there’s nothing wrong with it”. 🙂


In November my team and I hosted a 2 day event – Shaklee even sent a member from their Corporate Team to help support us because of team was bursting at the seams in terms of taking off! We were on fire!

november shaklee event

Towards the end of November I flew to Chicago to be honored for several different achievements I had accomplished. (this was super exciting because like I said, I hadn’t set any goals and honestly hadn’t planned on any of this happening!!) —> (that’s not to say I wasn’t working hard though, because I was. I was busy developing my amazing team. We all come from different backgrounds and are spread out across the country. But I made it my #1 priority to build them up, educate them, help them. You name it, I am there for my team because I LOVE this journey that happened to find me!)**the absolute best part about this whole journey is that it doesn’t take away from my family AT ALL!! I make my own hours, decide when is a good time for me to work or isn’t. I’m not out doing house parties (the November event is the only event I’ve ever done), not out there begging for sales. Shaklee is a company of integrity and has clinical study after clinical study proving that it works! So people want in!)


shaklee vip event

I was invited to the VIP event in Chicago with Roger Barnett, CEO & Owner of Shaklee!

roger barnett

How cool is that?!? Out of all the companies I worked for back in my “working days”, never did I meet the CEO, and I was a Manager and Department Head in every single position I ever worked in! *This picture makes me excited in so many ways because both of these girls have been apart of my life for 16 & 25 years! (eek! that makes me feel old) 🙂

I also got to attend the invite only luncheon with Dr. Bruce Daggy, Senior Vice President, Research & Development & Chief Science Officer ….being someone who is very evidence based, this was awesome for me!!!

shaklee dr daggy

I also had the privilege of listening to Olympic Bronze Medalist,  Kim Vandenberg and how Shaklee had helped her reach her goals and more!


Honestly if it wasn’t for Shaklee, I would have never had these opportunities!

Since November I have welcomed even more team members and are at a total of 14!!! Pretty incredible how much I have been blessed in such a short period of time.

I am so excited for what the future holds. Building more Distributors, more life changing events and more dreams fulfilled…not only of my own, but of my team members! So happy to be changing people’s lives with the people I care so much about! 2015 is already set up to ROCK!!

In fact…this month I will be qualifying for an opportunity of a lifetime…and I cannot wait to share it with you all once I get the official papers! Make sure you stay tuned to find out what it is!

The funny thing is though, these are just the Business Side Rewards I’ve earned.

-The countless amounts of people I have been able to help with illnesses, skin conditions, diet, allergies, headaches/migraines, arthritis, digestive issues…the list goes on

-The amount of joy I’ve received from reconnecting with so many of my old friends and getting to run a business with them

-The ability to change lives

…All outweigh the Business Side rewards any day! I’m so thankful to be able to be living my Shaklee journey! Knowing and realizing that the effort I put in today affects the lives of so many! Talk about purpose!! 

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

If you would like your own opportunity to experience these great rewards that I have, please email me and I would be more than happy to answer your questions!


Or if you’re looking to make some extra money. The financial rewards are great!

Shaklee’s Compensation Plan:

dream plan

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  1. Hi Stephanie. Great post here. It’s amazing how good things can happen to us when we set written goals. I’ve been doing it every month for almost a decade now and it’s one of the reasons I’ve been so successful.

    Your story is very inspiring. I hope 2015 and beyond go very well for you with your blog and Shaklee business. All the best.


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