6 Creative Ways How To Decorate Foam Pumpkins

Decorating foam pumpkins can be so much fun! From painting foam pumpkins to adding ribbon or flowers, to covering foam pumpkins in fabric. The possibilities are endless. While some of you are tackling your first foam pumpkin project and may not know where to start. While others of you may have plenty of experience, but are just looking for new ideas. This post is for you!

The best thing about foam pumpkins, there really is no right or wrong way to decorate them, but here are a few suggestions, tips and tricks to get your creative juices flowing!

Let’s start with the basics…

Where To Buy Foam Pumpkins?

Dollar Tree, Walmart, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s are my go-to places to buy foam pumpkins.

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What Kind of Paint Do You Use On Foam Pumpkins?

Many different types of paint can be used on foam pumpkins such as spray paint, acrylic paint and chalk paint.

Spray paint is the quickest and easiest way to paint foam pumpkins. Not only does it cover great, it dries fairly quickly and you’re able to add other embellishments in no time!

How To Spray Paint Foam Pumpkins | Gathered In The Kitchen

How Do You Decorate A Styrofoam Pumpkin?

The options are endless when it comes to decorating styrofoam pumpkins! You can spray paint them, crackle paint them, cover them in fabric, hot glue ribbon strips, add sequins or stickers, turn them into a storybook character...and so forth! Get creative and have fun!

foam pumpkins and cans of spray paint

How Do You Crackle Paint A Foam Pumpkin?

Step up your pumpkin game to a whole new level by crackle painting them! Using a foam brush is the easiest way to achieve this look! This unique finish will definitely set your pumpkins apart!

  • Paint Dixie Belle Crackle all over the pumpkin with foam brush and allow to completely dry
  • Once the crackle is completely dry, lightly paint on Dixie Belle Drop Cloth chalk paint with the foam brush. While the paint dries, it reactivates the Crackle and begins to crackle! The orange of the pumpkin will start to show through the Drop Cloth paint color.

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How To Crackle Paint Pumpkins with Dixie Belle Chalk Paint

How Do You Cover A Foam Pumpkin?

The steps to cover a foam pumpkin with fabric is simple. Remove the fake stem, add fabric and replace the stem with a small wooden stick!

how to cover foam pumpkins with fabric

Watch my tutorial to see how I created this look!

YouTube video

How Do You Decorate A Fake Pumpkin with Ribbon?

Take your foam pumpkin to the next step and give it a touch of elegance using ribbon! Decorating a fake pumpkin with ribbon can be done in just a matter of minutes! Begin by spray painting the foam pumpkin and allow paint to dry.

Remove stem and begin attaching ribbon with hot glue in a decorative pattern. Finish by placing the stem back on top.

Decorate A Foam Pumpkin with spray paint and ribbon | Gathered In The Kitchen

How To Decorate Foam Pumpkins with Artificial Flowers

Purchase a foam pumpkin along with your favorite artificial flowers. Using wire snips, cut the flowers to your desired height and stick them into the top of the foam pumpkin. Arrange until you have achieved the look you love!

wooden tray styled for fall with candle holder, pumpkin, vintage book, wooden beads and letter B

Alternatives to Foam Pumpkins

Aside from foam pumpkins, there are so many ways to decorate with pumpkins!

One of my most favorite crafts of all-time was creating adorable farmhouse style pumpkins that I made from…toilet paper rolls! Yes! Toilet paper pumpkins! You have to check them out HERE!

Pumpkin topiaries are another great way to add some fun decor to your home or tables cape!

Creating wood block pumpkins is a creative way to use up your scrap wood pile! Spray these with a clear acrylic and stick them outside!

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