How To Keep Mesh From Fraying

Simple solutions to stop mesh from fraying. Prevent your deco mesh wreaths from fraying before assembling them with these easy steps.

You made a beautiful deco mesh wreath and then it starts to fray. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending your hard earned money, taking the time to make something beautiful and then having it fall apart! Believe me, I know. I’ve been there many times as I have made more wreaths than I can count.

Luckily, I have figured out the tips and tricks for how to keep a deco mesh from fraying! I’ve implemented these tips for many wreaths and am happy to report that they do work and my wreaths do not fray anymore. For further information about deco mesh, reference my post Everything There Is To Know About Deco Mesh for Wreath Making.

First let’s go over the proper tools you will need to cut deco mesh for wreath making.

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Tools Needed To Cut Deco Mesh for Wreaths | Gathered In The Kitchen

Tools Needed To Cut Deco Mesh for Wreaths

  1. Self-healing cutting mat – provides a soft surface to cut on
  2. Rotary cutting tool – provides a clean cut and helps prevent mesh from fraying
  3. Acrylic ruler / straight edge – to help guide your rotary tool to make straight cuts
  4. Lighter – to heat seal the ends of the mesh

How To Keep Mesh From Fraying

1. Use a rotary cutting tool to cut the mesh

Place the deco mesh roll on the self-healing mat. Line the mesh up with the squares to your desired size. Place the acrylic ruler on the deco mesh to your desired length – where you would like to make your cut. Using the rotary cutting tool, roll the cutter along the edge of the acrylic ruler to create a nice clean cut.

How To Keep Mesh From Fraying | Gathered In The Kitchen

2. Heat seal the mesh ends with a lighter

Once you have all of our mesh pieces cut, use a cigarette lighter to heat seal the cut edges of mesh. Work quickly to ensure that your mesh does not burn (turn brown/black) or catch on fire. Also, be careful to not burn your fingers.

How To Keep Mesh From Fraying - Heat seal the ends of mesh with a lighter| Gathered In The Kitchen

3. Handheld Electric Knife

An alternative method to cutting mesh with a rotary cutting tool and lighter, is to use a handheld electric knife. While I have personally not done this, I have seen several wreath makers do this to their mesh. The electric knife warms to a blade temperature of 100°F-150°F degrees. You then use it to cut your mesh. While cutting it with the heated temperature, it heat seals your edges at the time of cutting. A dual purpose method that eliminates one step from above!

Assemble Your Deco Mesh Wreath

Once you’ve done these two easy steps, you’re ready to make your wreath! For easy instructions on assembling mesh wreaths, follow my tutorial for How To Make A Curly Deco Mesh Wreath.

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How To Keep Mesh Wreaths From Fraying | Gathered In The Kitchen

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