Family Bowling 2011

When there are a bunch of people staying in one house it tends to be best to plan activities outside of the house. So, Lover Boy and I planned a fun outing to the local bowling alley. We all loaded up and headed out. They had a special for all you can eat pizza + 2 hours worth of bowling and shoes for $14.99 per person so that’s what we did (I am only sharing the price because it will turn into a funny story later).

We got to the alley and picked out our balls, headed to our lane and ordered our pizza. Literally 35 minutes later our pizza arrives (when they told us it would only take 7 minutes each time we ordered). So in two seconds the 2 pizzas were devoured. I immediately asked them to bake 2 more. 40 minutes later they were finally getting the pizzas in the oven…15 minutes later they arrived. I very nicely explained to the “pizza cook” that we paid $14.99 per person and that this was supposed to be our dinner and that $14.99 per person was quite a bit of money for 2 pieces of pizza and bowling. He understood and 30 minutes later 3 pizzas arrive. By this time though the pizza we had eaten started to digest so no one was hungry (darn that whole eating slow idea!). But since we had made such a fuss about the pizza I would be darned to leave it behind (our bowling time ended a few minutes after the 3 pizzas arrived). Everyone in my family kept making fun of me. So my mother-in-law kindly washed our plates in the bathroom that we used and my brother and I then packed up 3 pizzas and snuck out the side door feeling kind of embarrassed. Haha! (I understand that it probably doesn’t sound funny in the least when reading this and that I probably just seem pathetic…I suppose it was one of those “you had to be there” type deals!)

Anyway here are a few of my favorite photos from the outing!

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Little Finch & my mom, Grandma bowling together

Tam Bowling (if you click this link it’s a video of Little Finch bowling!)

Lover Boy’s brother, Rob

Lover Boy & Laughing Coyote

Little Finch was tied with me…and then ended up beating me, Grandma & Nana. She rocks!!

Laughing Coyote exploring the alley

My girlie looking so big!

My dad, Papa, the infamous bowler. He beat the pants off of everyone each game!

This picture makes me cry. Look at my girl! She seems so old and grown up here. Those skinny minny legs and long hair. Wahhhh! (she’s almost as tall as Grandma too! haha)

Laughing Coyote helping me out!

Both kiddos helping mommy!

Helping Lover Boy’s mom, Nana

I should have taken a picture of the pizzas! But apparently I was too embarrassed! 🙂

We had a really great time! I’m thinking that bowling is going to become a family ritual.

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