Bella Rose’s 7th Birthday

Wednesday, April 25th was our sweet Bella Rose’s 7th birthday. Lover Boy was out of state so we didn’t celebrate her birthday until today – when we were all home together.

To be honest, I really can’t believe she’s already 7 years old. Lover Boy and I decided that we needed another doggy to help stabilize the nut case puppy we had brought home 9 months earlier, Harley our blue Weimaraner. We were young, engaged, in college, living 5 hours away from our families and doing our own thing: starting our family.

The very first time I brought Bella home, Lover Boy and Harley were at our Toledo, Ohio apartment. Harley was so excited about me that I ended up with a chipped front tooth (luckily it was on the back side, but still required fixing), to make a long story short. Anyway, Harley and Bella hit it off perfectly from that very first second in the door. They were meant for each other like Lover Boy and I are meant for each other.

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Bella has honestly been one of the best decisions we have ever made. My heart hurts to say how much I love her.

As many of you know, if you have been reading my blog for a while, know that she’s been going through some rough stuff right now, sarcoptic mange, aka dog scabies. I am in the works of creating a blog post from diagnosis to recovery phase – and will post when it’s ready – but we’re yet to see any recovery or improvement yet. In fact, the specialist that we’re now seeing has asked for updates on her so earlier this week I emailed over several pictures as well as a detailed update. After receiving my email she asked that we bring Bella in this Monday, ahead of her follow-up appointment which was supposed to be May 7th due to her skin condition and 6 pound weight loss over the last 3 weeks. To be honest, I haven’t even really thought about this upcoming appointment because I’m too afraid to. I’ve cried so much that I’ve literally lost 5 pounds just from tears. I literally just cannot take the emotional drain anymore. What I do know though is that Bella never ever would let us down, so we will not let her down. She doesn’t deserve what she’s going through, but we’re going to continue to do whatever it takes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she’s our daughter. And you do whatever is in your power for your family.

Anyway, just look past everything that is physically wrong and see the wonderful girl who God blessed Lover Boy and I with 7 years ago. We love you Bella Rose, always and forever! (ignore the deck, we were power washing it today getting ready to stain it tomorrow).

Little Finch, the birthday party planner had just received this new princess nightgown in the mail so she had to wear it! 🙂 The dogs love their special doggy ice cream!

Harley and Lovie enjoying their ice cream! Laughing Coyote was having a blast! He’s such a huge helper!…most of the time! 🙂

mmmm…peanut butter ice cream!

Little Finch is becoming quite the photographer!

Happy 7th Birthday Bella!



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  1. ha ha ha,…I love this post. Happy Birthday Bella Rose. She looks great after that whole ear nightmare. I hope she can put on some weight soon, poor gal. Prayers for Monday’s appointment – please keep us posted. 🙂

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