Coffee Chat #3 | Insta Reels, Biltmore Estate & Valentine’s Day

One of the best ways to learn anything is to teach yourself - Giles Rich

Hey there friends!! Wow this has been such a week for me! If you haven’t caught up lately, you can always go back and see the silly things I’ve been up to lately. But…this this…I actually taught myself something new!!! YAY!! I taught myself how to use Instagram Reels! I’m not sure why, but I have never really taken to Instagram. I guess I’m just an old fashioned Facebook user! haha. Who else uses Reels? Follow me on Instagram and I’ll follow you back! ❤️ ❤️

Using the Reels, I created a couple different videos { 1 and 2 } about our half bathroom. I’m actually working on writing an entire series about about the bathroom as a whole! If you missed it, here’s the first part of the series about the shelves I created out of wood destined for the burn pile!

I challenge you all to learn something new this week! Of course it doesn’t have to be Insta Reels, but maybe it’s trying your skills out with an easy woodworking project. Or making a card for a loved one using your Silhouette or Cricut. Or maybe it’s as simple as trying out a new baking recipe! {Today I baked a new recipe, Irish Soda Break…and I think I’ve consumed a total of 4 cups of flour now! It was soooo good!} I’ve definitely been learning that keeping our brains active, especially during this whole crazy season of Covid, is super important!

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In Other News…

Did you catch my Facebook post about our new furniture?!? Oh my gosh, I LOVE it!!! Before we moved to Wisconsin from North Carolina, my hubby and I visited a local furniture designer in the town over from where we lived. They handcraft gorgeous, high end, very designer flashy pieces of furniture! When we walked in, there was a show-stopping blue velvet couch with a tufted back. I mean it was gorgeous! Here it is…

COCOCO Home Biltmore Chesterfield Sofa

We immediately knew this was the style furniture we wanted {aka needed} for our 1886 Victorian home that we had bought and were waiting to move to. While we didn’t go with the blue, although we were “this” close to choosing it, we ended up going with a dark green…and you guys!!! I love it! It’s everything I would have hoped for. But then again, I love dark colors. I love things with tons of design. I love things that remind me of someone or somewhere that I have traveled. This set does just that! The style is called Biltmore Chesterfield. Chesterfield is the style of sofa this is…all the tufting, etc. The Biltmore part is modeled off of the Biltmore Estate which is in North Carolina. We had taken our family there several times during our time of living in the South. It’s gorgeous and totally up this girl’s alley with the whole Victorian-ish feel! I’ll definitely share more about all of the other pieces of furniture we bought, but I need to find wall decor first! It’s silly, but I feel like I can’t show off a naked room! lol

Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

Valentine’s Day

Who has plans for Valentine’s Day? My hubby and I have got a hot date right inside our kitchen this weekend. Our refrigerator, that we ordered back in August is fiiiiiinallllllly ready to be delivered next week!! I am ecstatic! So, we’ll be adding in a water line to the new location of the refrigerator because we completely changed the kitchen’s layout from before! I can’t wait to show you guys…but in it’s current state {aside from those beautiful ZOOMED IN snapshots I share…don’t ever trust everything you see on social media, there’s usually a mess right before the beauty!} it’s a hot mess.

Like for real!

Like…for REAL real!

We had planned to work on putting up a few more cabinet doors {my hubby has to drill holes for the hinges, etc} and he couldn’t take it outside last weekend because the temps were below zero, for the high!! So…finishing things up in the kitchen will just have to wait until things defrost up here – so, in other words, July! ? ? ? {remind me why we moved to the frozen tundra again!?!?!?}

In the meantime, if you’re planning on cooking dinner, then you need to finish it off with one of my favorite desserts, mini cheesecakes!! They are delicious and your date will thank you! I made them over Christmas and the entire batch was gone in less than 30 minutes!! Yes, we are dessert pigs and we have no shame!

If you’re looking for a fun last minute Valentine’s Day craft, my friend KariAnne has you covered with this sweet XOXO canvas! Or this cute heart swag that I made with my kiddos using felt!

Wishing you all a LOVELY week and a very Happy Valentine’s Day friends!

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