Monogrammed Winter Garden Flag

monogrammed garden flag collage

You all know that I’m a lover of garden flags! I just can’t help myself for every season and holiday to make a quick and cute little garden flag to spruce up my yard. I strongly believe outdoor decor adds to curb appeal and makes your home look so much more inviting. I always think, if I ran out of gas, my cell phone was dead and and I had to walk for help I would go to the house with the cute outdoor decor because I would be less afraid!! HAHAHA my brain works in such a weird way! (but secretly you all know you’re thinking the same thinking the same thing too 😉 …now lets hope none of us ever run out of gas!

Anyway…here’s my very simple January garden flag!

monogrammed garden flag

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I used a scrap piece of fabric that I had and then used my embroidery machine to do the sewing. However, if you do not have an embroidery machine I would highly recommend using either puffy paint. Yes!! Puffy paint like you used to use on all your t-shirts in high school sports! Or you could also use Heat -n – Bond and any fun fabric you have laying around!

My red bow was made from 1″ red velvet ribbon I had laying around.

I secured the bow with floral wire.

monogrammed garden flag

Now you need to make yourself a wooden flag holder! Check out my easy step-by-step tutorial to make yours today for just a few buckaroos!!! 

flag post

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