Meet Dublin Boone!

We have big news…

Something that brightened our “move back home after the fire” after 17 months of H-E-double hockey sticks…

Something that we have utterly fallen in love with…

Something that came in one of these boxes after a long scavenger hunt around our house…

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Wrapped Christmas Presents

Something that made our kids do this…

Something that would brighten anyones crummy 2020 year!…**this video is so worth the watch!

YouTube video

So without further ado…meet DUBLIN BOONE!

Red Merle Australian Shepherd

On November 22, 2020 our family grew by four furry paws! Dublin is a red merle Australian Shepherd and we absolutely love him! His name sake comes from the town we lived in in Georgia and where our two oldest kiddos were born (Dublin) and one of our favorite towns in North Carolina where our youngest was born (Boone). (Denver, where our home was or Mooresville, the town he was born in, sounded a little funny after Dublin! lol!…and of course we had to give him a double name because all of the best dogs have long names! – like our late Bella Rose!)

These photos are from his first hour of joining our family! I will always cherish this photo collage…of when all of my babies were still kind of babies!!!

He is the perfect addition to our family and completely feels like he was meant to be ours…in some weird way, without any questions!

Red Merle Australian Shepherd

His icy blues just completely melt us! His eyes are so stunningly blue…similar to our late Weimaraner, Blau Giest Nacht (Blue Ghost of the Night – aka Harley)…of course, we had to name him a German name because of his origin! Weimaraners are called the grey/silver ghost…but Harley was blue, so…you can figure it out!)

Red Merle Australian Shepherd
Red Merle Australian Shepherd

Dublin and Julia are already the best of friends! They just adore each other! Julia has been longing for a doggy friend since Lovie passed away in December 2019.

Red Merle Australian Shepherd & Rescue Dog

He looks so extremely cute with our Christmas lights!

Red Merle Australian Shepherd at Christmas

(p.s. for all of you have followed our house rebuild…do you notice any changes?? *hint: color)

Red Merle Australian Shepherd at Christmas

A Blast From The Past

One day, Dublin was laying on the floor and exercising his little puppy voice at the thin air…or was he?!?! lol. Jokingly, I said he was just playing around with all the ghost dogs who must live in our 134 year old house! I then remembered a photograph that was left for us when we bought the house (thankfully I had taken a photo of it on my phone prior to the lightning strike = iCloud to the rescue!).

My guess is that this photo is from 1925…because I believe these children are the same children in a photo dated 1924 (as the grandchildren of the owners of which our house is coined after) and they look to be about a year younger.

Would you look at that doggy? HOLY WOW! Umm….I can’t be certain this is an Australian Shepherd…but you guys!!!

Only one eye patch (which is not common…in fact, Dublin is what you call a mismark red merle), the long white fur around the collar….this is what Dublin will look like when his fur coat comes in! You know I’ll definitely have to recreate this photo with him when he’s older!!

Creepy, creepy!!! Ohhhh how I love stuff like this!!!…and oh how so this strangely makes me love him even more!

Red Merle Australian Shepherd

So…welcome to the world and to Gathered In The Kitchen, Dublin Boone! We love you and I’m certain you all will love him too!

…AND…I’m back!!! You guys, it’s been forever since I’ve blogged. Simply because my heart couldn’t bear it. Our world was utterly turned upside down this summer and I needed time to process what was happening. I literally lost all my zest and was in survival mode for our family. Things still are a mess, but there’s a light at the end of the loooong tunnel…and I’m just thankful for the challenges that we have had to face because I am very well aware that there are much worse challenges and problems in this world that could have been dealt our way. So despite how crappy everything can be at any given moment in someone’s life, remember, someone always has it worse.

Much Love,



  1. Lynsey Waddle says:

    Aw this is awesome!! Great to see the Bruces and so happy for all of you!!

  2. Stephanie your heart sings loudly in this! So happy to have you and the family back to watch again. Did miss you and wish a person could just hug away the pain. Especially now. Can’t wait to see more of all of this. Especially Dublin and Julia. And the bunnies and kitties. And the kiddos! You have so much to be so happy and so blessed. I look forward to your inspiration and bring happiness back again. Huge cyber hugs to you all.

    1. Thank you so much! It feels so good to be home!

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