Happy 10th Birthday Harley!

I just can’t even believe it. Today my very first baby turns 10. T-E-N. Seriously how can this even be?!?!? This is troubling for so many reasons. My baby is old. OLD! And it makes me so sad to know that our time together won’t be as long as what it’s been thus far. Also, if he’s 10, that means I’m 30!! Yikes!! We’ve been together for a third of my life! So crazy!

Honest to God, it feels like yesterday that Lover Boy and I were in college and driving from my apartment to his apartment when we passed a sign in a yard saying “Weimaraner Pups for Sale. AKC” I had quickly dialed the phone number listed into my cell phone so I could call later. Later when I was back home I called and I remember that phone conversation so clearly. An older man, Ernie, answered the phone and patiently answered all 1,000 of my questions because 1. I had no idea what kind of dog a Weimaraner was 2. I had no clue how to even say “Weimaraner”! HA! The one thing he told me that had me convinced to go see them was that they were a big dog that did not shed. This was like the best news because I absolutely HATE dog hair. OMG do I hate it.

I convinced Lover Boy to go look at the puppies. I just wanted to see them. Of course, no intentions of getting one…or so I told Lover Boy – bahahaha sucker! When we went to look the puppies were only 4 weeks old and there were 14 in total. Yes you read that right, 14! They ended up having to be born via c-section because there were so dang many! All but 2 of the puppies had already been claimed. One boy and one girl were left. That boy would become my Harley. He was super tall and did the absolute cutest little straight leg march. He was also the only puppy with a marking. A little white “blaze” on his chest. The most GORGEOUS blue eyes you had ever laid eyes on and the softest, most velvet-y ears in the world. But…remember, we “weren’t” going to get a dog. So, I casually asked Ernie how much they were and he responded “$500”. (quite a bit of money for 2 poor college kids). Lover Boy made eye contact with me at that exact moment and had  “heck no! we don’t have that kind of money” written all over his face. He then practically passed out when I asked Ernie my next question…”and when will they be ready to take home?” There was no way I was leaving without that puppy.

Harley (6) Harley (7)

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Seriously, who wouldn’t fall in love with this dog?!?!

Obviously by the picture it’s clear that he became ours! hehe! The breeders were Ernie and Mary and they had had Harley’s bloodline for 28 years. They were just really great. We kept in touch with them for many years to come. In fact, once we had moved away (and added 2 more dogs to our family) Mary had contacted me and told me that Ernie had passed away and that she was having to move and if we would be interested in taking the puppy that they had kept from Harley’s litter, Aspen. It absolutely broke my heart to tell her no but we already had 3 dogs and were expecting our first baby – a 4th dog would just just been a bit insane :-)…besides, where would the 4th dog have snuggled up on big ol’ pregnant me? (such a lovely picture, eh? preggo belly hanging out and all) –but I love this photo more than anything. It totally shows how loving my babies are….and Bella Rose, our sweet sweet Boxer, snuggling her to-be baby before she was even born. Typical Bella.

Tamaroa Meets Grandpa Bruce; 049

Here are just a few of my favorite photos over the past decade.

Harley (5) Harley (8)

Who know Harley (9)

Not sure about Lover Boy’s hair. Harley (10)

We had already had him for over a week at this point. Ernie and Mary had let us take him home when he was only 5 weeks 6 days old. Harley (14)

I drove home to Illinois one weekend from college in Ohio and surprised our families with Harley – we hadn’t told them we bought a dog! haha

Harley (16)

My little snuggle buddyHarley (11) Harley (2)

Best running buddy ever! He had no problem keeping up with me on my 40-100 minute runs every.single.day! In fact, one time we took him on a bike ride, Lover Boy let go of his leash and pedaled as fast as he could…Harley passed him at 28 miles per hour. The dog was a beast! Harley (3)  Harley (12)

Twins!Harley (20)

Classic Harley sleeping positionHarley (22) Harley (18) Harley (28) Harley (27) Harley (32)


Bella Rose, Harley’s whole world!


Best partner in crime ever! Two peas in a pod, I swear!


Such a huge head!Harley Dogs (22)

Harley and baby LovieDogs

Even taking up all of the space in our king sized bed…shortly after this we finally kicked them out (let me tell you how much fun that was, oiy!! Don’t be like us and let your dogs rule your life, lol)

Christmas 2006 (60)

This was Thanksgiving – 3 weeks before we were married!! Our kids were then finally legitimate 🙂



I love that all 3 of them were so timid of a turtle!!


Finally decided to be brave!

Tamaroa's Birth - Clayton's Camera 122

Meeting our first little bundle of joy in 2008!


Being chased by his kiddos!


Sticking by Bella’s side after the first of many surgeries in 2012 – he stuck with her to the very end. He loved his girl so much. Since she passed away he has been lost. It’s no fun being in life without your better half.

I could keep on going and going. I literally have 1,000s of pictures of our dogs. I have no life. I know. But it’s time to C*E*L*E*B*R*A*T*E!!! Time for doggy ice cream and presents!!

Happy 10th birthday old man!!



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