Meet Julia

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Hi Friends!! As I told you in one of my last posts, we had an unexpected surprise join our family.

Meet Julia!



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We were camping last weekend and I had taken all 3 kids into the bathroom. There was a mom with her son and their two dogs also in the bathroom. The lady was super sweet and was commenting on how beautiful my little guy’s eyes were and how well behaved all of my kids were being. After a few minutes they left and we finished up and then walked back to our camp. Once we were back at our tent my hubby walked to the water pump one campsite down and through the woods I saw him talking to the lady that we had been talking to. Then all of a sudden I hear him say “Stephhh, come here” – Honest to God I thought he was going to tell me that these people saw a snake and were just warning people. Little did I know what I would be walk into when I got to the water pump 🙂

Long story short, a few days before, a family found 2 puppies abandoned at the end of a bike trail eating oysters. The puppies saw them and followed them all the way back to camp despite the people riding as fast as they could (because they had no idea why these puppies were there). The lady from the bathroom was going to take one of the puppies home to try to find a home for her. *Insert us at the water pump* 🙂 SUCKERS!! She tells us that she thinks we would be the perfect family to take this puppy and that they were actually leaving in 10 minutes to head back home. Literally 10 minutes later her husband pulls up with their truck and RV and we had to make a decision right then and there. She mentioned that if we decided after the night if we didn’t want to keep her we could take her back to the campsite of the people who found her.

Lover Boy totally pulled one on me. He says these exact words to me “I’ll let you and Tamaroa decide” and walks away back to camp. OK, let me explain why this was the worst thing he could do. 1. Our daughter is the biggest animal lover. All of you who follow me on Facebook know this to be true. 2. I’m a sucker for cute puppies and she did resemble a Boxer and I just kept thinking of my sweet Bella Rose. 3. When you’ve been with someone for as long as Lover Boy and I have they don’t have to say anything for you to know what they are thinking/wanting. He had that look in his eyes that was practically begging for this puppy. How could I be the meanie and say no? PLUS, this puppy had no home. Someone abandoned them. They needed a good home – and without any hesitations I knew that was us. We have taken in strays many of times and taken them to the vet for shots, etc.

So, as you’ve guessed…without further ado, meet Julia! Our kids chose her name. We tried to “encourage” other names but they were both dead set on Julia! So we went along with it!


Our first minute of owning her 🙂 Such a happy kid!


Right away she fell in love with the kids. She honestly is the sweetest puppy. So nice and gentle.


Finally my turn to hold her 🙂 We were leaving camp to head to the beach right before we got Julia so we quickly ran to the grocery store and picked up a collar, leash, food, bowl, treats, toys and flea and tick wash (because from past experience of brining home a stray, we refuse to ever allow a puppy into our house again that has not been washed.)


Little Finch was in absolute love!

IMG_5453 IMG_5454 IMG_5455

She had such a great time and fit right in with our family!


Back at camp Lover Boy was just glowing. He was so excited!
The next day we walked down to the campsite of the people who found the puppies. They were keeping her brother. I wanted to introduce ourselves as well as see him so that I could show pictures to our Vet to help better figure out what breed she was.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 8.00.33 AM

Our cute Julia with her cutie brother. I have no idea how someone could have abandoned these sweet puppies but I truthfully can say that I am thankful that they did. Because now these two puppies have the absolute best homes they could ask for!









One of the biggest reason we went to Carolina Beach State Park was because of their Carnivorous Plant Hike. Our little man, Laughing Coyote is obsessed with crazy things like this. He made me buy him a Venus Flytrap a few months before and was so intrigued by it. So we knew this hike would be perfect for him! He really bonded with Julia on this hike also!

My sleepy girls on the way home.

She has such pretty brindle coloringsIMG_5590

I took this the next morning at home. I was making breakfast in the kitchen and thought that it was awful quiet – so I peeked out and saw this. Of course I had to take a picture (ok, more like 15!). As I was sending them to Lover Boy I started crying. I just couldn’t believe how much my kids loved her and how much she loved them. All I could keep thinking of was Bella. – Now I know that some of you may be like OMG get over it! But she was our kid before kids. She got sick and was never able to kick it. She was taken from us way too early at only 7 years old. She loved our kids and us more than anything in the world. She was that dog that everyone dreams of having. So for me this was a huge part of my healing process. I’ve had a hole in my heart since that day and Julia is filling it back in! In literally everything she does, her antics, her demenour, her playfulness – she reminds me so much of Bella.

Anyway, a few hours later I picked up Little Finch from school so she could come with us to the Vet for Julia’s first appointment.IMG_5594

Thankfully we weren’t placed in the room Bella was put down in…but a different room with a picture of a Boxer!! It was a sign 🙂

Both puppies went to the Vet this day actually – just in totally different parts of the state. 🙂  Both Vets said that the puppies were 6 weeks old and looked to have some Boxer in them but that they really were too young to tell. We will know more judging by her weight gain at our next appointment in 3 weeks.

Spoiled already by the kids 🙂

Julia is best friends with Lovie our Mini Daschund and working on Harley our Weimaraner still. He is just an old man and doesn’t care to play around with a silly crazy puppy 🙂 They get along, but he’s boring to her 🙂 She is even friends with Ellie our Lionhead Rabbit!!

So there you have it – our story of Julia! We love her so much and are so happy to have her be apart of our family!


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