10 Easy DIY Farmhouse Projects Under $10

10 easy and affordable beginner level projects to update your home to farmhouse style, each under $10!

Farmhouse STYLE is the hottest trend of late and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. The stores are loaded with all sorts of variants of the farmhouse style and colors. For me, it is a good thing because I’ve filled my house with various farmhouse inspired projects that I’ve created all for under $10 each!

10 Easy DIY Farmhouse Projects Under $10 | farmhouse | design | woodworking |easy building projects |diy #farmhouse #woodworking

DIY Farmhouse Wooden Quilt Ladder Under $4 30 Minutes

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DIY Wooden Blanket Ladder Gathered In The Kitchen

DIY Barn Door Under $10 & 30 Minutes

DIY Barn Door Under $10 & 30 Minutes

DIY Farmhouse Lamp

DIY farmhouse lamp | how to refinish a lamp | diy desk lamp ideas | easy lamp making ideas | diy lamp for bedroom | redo lamp base | how to spray paint a lamp base #farmhouse #design #lighting

Farmhouse Wall Inspired Wall Gallery

Farmhouse Inspired Wall Gallery

DIY Rag Wreath Under $10

DIY Rag Wreath Tutorial - Beginner Level Project & Costs Under $10

Coffee Filter Wreath

coffee filter wreath step-by-step tutorial

Boxwood Wreath Tutorial

DIY Boxwood Wreath -step by step instructions -make in less than 10 minutes!

Wooden Centerpiece Box

Wedding Centerpieces | Rustic Centerpieces | Small Wooden Boxes | DIY Wooden Box Centerpiece for Under $5

Wooden Crate Centerpiece

How to build a DIY Wooden Crate Under $5 and 30 Minutes - Beginner Build! Gathered In The Kitchen

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor Under $20 on Amazon

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