Easy Outdoor Christmas Winter Porch Decor

Beautiful and easy outdoor Christmas themed winter porch decor that everyone will love can replicate!

Easy Outdoor Christmas Winter Porch Decor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and it’s time to dress up your  home and make it its best. I love decorating the exterior of my house almost as much as the inside. Unfortunately the porch on our current house is the smallest I’ve had, so it definitely limits me in the way of decorating. But decorative front porches and doors create such a beautiful and festive atmosphere for yourself and guests…plus it always adds curb appeal, even in the winter! (you never know whose scoping out your neighborhood to potentially buy a house one day!)


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beautiful rustic front porch christmas outdoor decor


I’ve been sharing a couple of my friend’s front porches and their beautiful decor for Christmas lately so I decided to share a few photos from my own from porch!

rustic outdoor decor for Christmas

rustic outdoor decor for Christmasrustic outdoor decor for Christmas

This lantern was actually my parents from their camping days (a long time ago!) rustic outdoor decor for Christmas

I made these pillows out of my old sweaters that I was going to donate. You can see my full tutorial HERE. 

beautiful front porch decor for Christmas

This sled holds a special place in my heart. I’m super sentimental and sometimes of weird things. When we bought our 1st house in Georgia the sellers asked us if we would want this because they knew we were moving from Illinois. I loved that house beyond words (and talk about beautiful southern front porches…that house had the best porch!) I have cherished this sled since the ripe old age of 23 and plan to for many many more years!

rustic outdoor decor for Christmas

We always cut down our own Christmas tree and I collect tons of clippings before we head home. This year I made so many festive arrangements that I just love. For each of our outdoor lights I made these swags. I added fake spray snow to the pinecones that I collected from our yard and added the ribbon bows.

rustic outdoor decor for Christmas


rustic outdoor decor for Christmas

I also did the same for our mailbox. Decorating our mailbox is one of my favorite things to do for outdoor decor (for every holiday!)rustic outdoor decor for Christmas


I did all of the vinyl lettering on our mailbox.

And here’s a snapshot of the whole outside.

Beautiful Christmas Front Porch Outdoor Decor

The “Merry” pillow I embroidered for last year’s porch – there is another one that says “Bright”.

rustic outdoor decor for Christmas

We’ve got several wreaths up on the outside windows and one huge one above our entry way.rustic outdoor decor for Christmasrustic outdoor decor for Christmas

And one last one of our gorgeous leaves that finally decided to change color in December! ….and I love that when we snapped the photos of me with the porch just a couple of days later everything was covered in snow!

Beautiful Christmas front porch outdoor decor

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beautiful outdoor christmas decor

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beautiful outdoor Christmas decor


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