Gardening in February

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This past weekend Little Finch and I started our veggie garden! So far we have planted green, red, yellow and orange peppers. Rather than buying the little gardening kits for indoor seeding, we made our own! Great way to 1. be frugal 2. reuse items before recycling them.

This is what we did:

Supplies needed: newspaper (not the glossy stuff though), tape, scissors and something circular like a baking powder can
Cut the newspaper in half
and then in half again
Begin rolling the newspaper over the can
Tape it down (leave the paper a little loose so the can will slide out). I've read that you can make a flour/water paste to seal them shut instead of tape - but I have 2 kids, 3 dogs and a husband who need tending I took the easy way out. Call me a cheater!
Wrap it just like you were wrapping a present
Tape it shut
Pull the can (or whatever you used) out
And wa la! There you have your own little seeding starter pot! Now scream with excitement because you just saved yourself 15 + buckaroos!
Place cups in a box or tupperware then fill the cups with dirt
Plant your seeds, cover with dirt, water, put in know the drill. And then wait for forever for the seeds to germinate! šŸ™‚ (I'll keep you posted with ours as they start to grow!) We planted 4 colors of peppers from seeds that we had saved and dried throughout the winter
Job well done kiddo! Dirt all over her face to prove she's a hard worker! šŸ™‚
Then I headed outside and starting chopping/raking down the 2nd half of our backyard
The yard goes down a huge hill and ends at the creek! Which we all went down to and let Little Finch splash around in! She had a blast! We're still debating how we want to landscape this/how many truckloads of dirt will have to be brought in/how we want to arrange a wall and steps down to the creek. Any suggestions?
This is what was going on up on the deck while I was working like a slave! (pictures taken by Lover Boy) - Little Finch giving the dogs water out of every container she could find! (she has clothes coming out of her ears, but this is what she chose to wear...oh well!)
Look at those dimples!
I think he's totally handsome! Even if I'm biased!
Front Door Project - These nasty, dingy, dirty, etc flower pots were left at our old house in Georgia when we moved in (we actually never used them there) when we sold it I took them with (along with 50 million birdhouses and other way of holding on to our 1st house I guess). So once we finished planting Little Finch and I spray painted these no longer drab looking flower pots. They add a nice touch of color to our front porch. (These flowers we planted are kind of flower!)

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