Decorating with Old Wooden Rolling Pins & Antique Dining Room Sideboard

I adore old wooden rolling pins. In fact, the more beat up they are the better. I love to imagine all of the delicious treats those rollings pins rolled out for hungry mouths. Maybe because we lived in the South for 14 years, I always tend to think that the rolling pins were used for biscuits {and gravy} and pie crusts! (or blueberry biscuits!) Mmmm….good ol’ southern biscuits and gravy! Ahhh, take me back!

When we moved away, across the country, one of my very BFFs gave me a wooden rolling pin as a moving away gift that she had found at an antique store. It was so perfect in so many ways. I love that I now have a reminder of one of my favorite people in my life on a daily basis.

crock with antique rolling pins

I love texture. I love the stains. I love the cracks.

crock with antique rolling pins

Cramming the vintage wooden rolling pins into an antique crock is one of my favorite ways to display my rolling pin collection.

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crock with antique rolling pins

At the moment, I have them all sitting on my new-to-me, dining room hutch/sideboard that I absolutely love! I bought it while we were still unable to live in our house and had to store it…but boy, was it worth it! It’s super old and came out of a dentist’s house in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I actually bought it at a store that sells a lot of hospice items…I think, if I’m not mistaken, items that were people’s that were on hospice and then passed away. All I know, is I just love this dining room hutch/sideboard and feel honored to own it. It totally fits right in with our 1886 Victorian home!

Antique Wooden Dining Room Sideboard Hutch

Real life confession moment: I had to snap a photo of it while it’s clean…because lets face it guys, I’m raising a family in this house and it’s usually full of non-pretty items that are waiting to be put away! lol (p.s. the mirror is old so those are the de-silvering marks…not my total lack of cleaning skills! ;-p

Antique Wooden Dining Room Sideboard Hutch
Antique Wooden Dining Room Sideboard Hutch

Best Places to Find/Buy Antique Wooden Rolling Pins

I’m always on the hunt for wooden rolling pins when I’m out and about. Even though I absolutely do not need any more, I just love looking for them! The prices usually vary between $5-50!! I’m a deal finder and have not spent over $10.

  • Antique stores
  • Garage sales
  • Thrift shops
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Etsy
  • Ebay

Show & Tell

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