EkoBrew K-Cup Filter

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we purchased a Keurig Coffee Machine and that I think my new full time job is to simply drink coffee. Literally to the point of it was almost becoming an option to take out a loan to keep up with my new expensive addiction. The little buggers for the Keurig are pretty expensive, 60 cents a cup – which if you compare it to a normal coffee maker is extremely high (my mathematician hubby brought this to my attention – I can barely tell you what 2×2 =). Aside from it being expensive our main concern was the extra garbage the little K-Cup thingies created. We try hard to reduce the amount of waste we create and dump into landfills so we were on the hunt for an alternative. Here’s what we found…

EkoBrew, a resuable filter!! Without hesitation I ordered it from Amazon for $10.95. So far I’m in love with this little cutie pie! Isn’t it just adorable? And another huge plus to me: Made in the USA!!!! Lover Boy and I both grew up in households that strongly encourage this. My dad for instance will purposely spend more money on something just to buy the USA made item. Anyway…

It is so easy to use…so easy my almost 2 year old made my cup of coffee for me! šŸ™‚

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Fill with your coffee of choice

He was so proud of his work!

Fill it 3/4 of the way full

Close it and stick it in your Keurig

Press what size cup you want to brew

Empty grounds in garbage and rinse out

Take a load off, enjoy your super economical and easy cup of joe and admire your beautifully painted turquoise toes your hubby’s super awesome job at the board and batten!



  1. LOL – I noticed your toes first, but the board and batten is gorgeous too, lol. We have the Keurig and our recycling program is so fabulous that I dump the grounds and that paper filter part into the green bin (compostable stuff) and then rinse and put the plastic part into our plastic recycling. Isn’t that amazing? However,…..if that wasn’t the case, I would definitely be giving this baby a try. I don’t like to add that much to the landfill either. Great post.

    1. wow!! that really is a great recycling program Terry! Funny that you noticed my toes first too! šŸ™‚ good thing it wasn’t a close up picture because they’re begging to be painted again! šŸ™‚

  2. Yes! Thanks for this info. I love the Keurig, but the price is usually so high for the k-cups. I can get one of Newman’s Coffee and a Green Mountain at B. J.’s for 50 cents a piece, but this little gadget will allow me to use my Dunkin Donut coffee in the Keurig! DD charges a ton for their k-cups.

    1. You are so welcome!! I was super excited about getting to use the bags of coffee too…and not go broke! ;-p

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