Campfire Blueberry Birthday Pies

Two ingredient blueberry campfire pies! Store-bought pie crust and canned blueberry pie filling create delicious pies made in cast iron pie makers over the campfire.

Every year for his birthday, Lover Boy wants blueberry pie rather than cake. Even when he was a kid he requested it. Odd. But I love him! 🙂 So while we were camping for his birthday weekend getaway I had planned on making blueberry pies in the pie makers. We had all of the supplies except he started getting dark, fast, and we needed to get all of the food and what not back to the car since it couldn’t stay with us at the tent (confused? catch up  here). Needless to say we never made them. However, I did half way start when we were there as you’ll see by my pictures but…we actually made them back at home!

Campfire Blueberry Birthday Pies

The supplies: camping pie makers, canned blueberry pie filing, ready to roll pie crust
Start a fire with scraps from the garage from all of your 1,000 projects! 🙂
Gather a cute audience
Oil the pie makers with oil. Cut crust to fit inside but leave long enough to fold over and cover the filling. Fill with filling of your choice and then close crust
Close and stick in fire. Check occasionally to check if the crust is cooked all of the way through
Dig in!

Give these a try next time you have a bonfire!

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  1. Nanette Bruce says:

    With all those blueberries you picked, canned blueberry filling? (Just kidding – much easier to pack) We always used bread for the crust. I like the pre-made pie crust. Great idea! We’ll have to try it. And yes, Lover Boy always wanted pie for his birthday. There’s was usually cake for the party, but he always got blueberry pie on his birthday. He always liked pie better than cake. What can I say……

  2. Hey, thanks for visiting BPPackages! I had a good laugh remembering the picture hanging post now…hubby still gives me a hard time about the glass coffee table/step ladder thing…lol!
    Your pies look YUMMY! Here in redneck Alberta we call ’em Bush Pies and they are soooo good! I like them with cherry pie filling and a piece of chocolate in there…oh heavenly! : )

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