Fire Roasted Ham & Cheese Sandwiches + Grilled Corn

One of the meals while we were camping was Ham & Cheese. Yeah, it sounds kind of boring BUT we wanted to have a meal that could be eaten either cold (in case it rained = no fire) or hot. Luckily we had good weather and were able to have a nice campfire! I didn’t take pictures really of the process of making these sandwiches, but I’m confident that you can figure them out! Ham + cheese + bread = done!

We cooked ours in our Broiler Basket to roast them.

Roasting ham and cheese over fire
Corn cooking with their husks on. I know that they look burnt but I assure you they were not. In fact they were tender and yummy!
Served up!
Not too bad for a campfire meal, eh?
Any guesses as to what Lover Boy is spreading on his corn?!?
Peanut butter! A trick he learned camping a long long time ago (since he's so old now! hehe) He never eats corn on the cobb without the PB! I actually have become a fan of it too!


*Little Sparrow

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