Asparagus, Olive & Tomato Pizza

Last night the kids and I made homemade pizza. I ate so much of it that I wasn’t even hungry for breakfast this morning. Opps! I warn you there are a bunch of pictures of my kids making the dough…they were having so much fun!

As I type this post, Little Finch is sitting in my lap playing dentist. I am being poked a prodded all over my face…so if things seem out of order you know why! šŸ™‚

Fresh Asparagus, Olive & Tomato Pizza
Lovie was standing right under the stepstool…perfect place to be dumped on by flying flour!
Let me try some of that…
Yummy! Like mother like son…he apparently has acquired my horrible addiction to raw dough! Glad I was able to pass along such healthy habits šŸ™‚
Such a good helper
Cut 4-5 asparagus sprigs in half lengthwise and then into bite sized pieces
Dice one tomato and several black olives
In a pan saute the asparagus in EVOO and kosher salt
Spread out dough on greased pizza stone and drizzle with EVOO on top of the dough. Top with mozzarella cheese and veggie toppings. Grab a few fresh sprigs of basil and tear them apart and sprinkle over the top (notice I only put the asparagus on my side)
I would love to say that my children pulled all of these pans out, but unfortunately they did not. My pizza stone was underneath all of these in the cabinet. I had to pull them out…but the kids decided to have a field day with them! Little Finch built stairs (what 2 year olds think of!)
Laughing Coyote looking in at the baking pizza. Don’t you just love this tat! He’s so bad butt!! šŸ˜‰ Their flour-y hands got everything messy!! and I didn’t mind one bit, we had fun!)
Cook at 425 degrees until the cheese is slightly browned. In all honestly I was too busy corralling my pans that I didn’t watch the clock
The crust was so light and fluffy (just like Pizza Hut Pan Pizza)…it was AMAZING!!!! My little girl sure knows how to make the best dough ever!!

The great thing about this is that you can use whatever veggies you want for toppings. Plus just use EVOO for a light sauce instead of tomato sauce! Here is our recipe for the pizza dough.

Make this and enjoy!!!

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*Little Sparrow, Little Finch & Laughing Coyote

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