Meatless Tacos

I’ve been horrible about posting this week! It’s not that I haven’t been cooking, it’s just that I’ve been doing other stuff with the time that I usually do post. Typically I write my posts once the kids have gone to bed. However, this week I’ve been doing other super exciting stuff instead – such as pulling an all-nighter to REALLY clean my house (my mom used to do this all of the time once us kids were sleeping, I guess she was right. It’s the only way to really truly get everything clean!) and I’ve been soaking up movies with my hubby! So enough with the excuses, lets dive into the meal that was supposed to be tacos.

The kiddos and I went grocery shopping the other day. When we got home I stuck the groceries inside the front door, got the kids out of the car, and put the dogs on leashes in the front because we were going to work on some planting projects we had. I was going to go back inside and put the few items that needed to be in the fridge, but we ended up staying outside and chitchatting with a couple different neighbors. In the mean time the dogs got hot and wanted to go inside (it’s been in high 80’s – 90’s and they don’t really dig that). I let them in and secretly prayed inside my head that they wouldn’t get into the ground beef I had bought for a taco dinner that night.

When we finally came inside, we were greeted by an empty 2.25 lbs meat package lying right by the door. All three dogs may have enjoyed it, but I’m sure Harley had the most. He is the worst at hiding his feelings once he had done something wrong. Guilt was written all over his face as he cowered in the corner hiding from me! Stinker! Initially I was mad because that was supposed to be for dinner in just a few hours! But I quickly got over it because I knew he’d pay for it with an upset stomach! He did. He had a bad stomach ache and blessed us with the worst smelling farts ever! GAG!!!

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I really didn’t want to run back to the grocery store so I decided to just modify the tacos and make them meatless. I thought that Lover Boy would hate them but he actually really really liked them and said to make them again!

They were quick and really easy. Nothing fancy!

Want to see how I made them?

Start by heating up some EVOO and then about 1/4c diced onions. Cook until translucent
Stir in a can of refried beans. Once the beans are hot either set to the side or remove and put into a dish
Cook about 1 - 1 1/2 c rice and then add to a hot skillet (I used the same one I cooked the beans in). Add in peas and diced carrots (these were a canned veggie blend)
Add about 1tbs tomato paste and season with S&P and fry until a little crispy
Add in 1/4c montery jack cheese
In the meantime cut up tomatoes, avocado, lettuce, cilantro and limes
On a warm tortilla layer refried beans, rice, and toppings of choice. Add a little extra cheese if you want. Roll up into a taco form and enjoy!

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as we did!

Happy Thursday!


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  1. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    I think that looks so tasty! I’ve been bad about grocery shopping too…I really need to get on the ball with meal planning. :s

    Thanks for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. šŸ™‚ Hope you’ll stop by Serenity Now again soon! šŸ™‚

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