We’re Moving! (and a few of my own house selling tips)

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I’ve been absent for while. I have good reason, I promise.

I realized that I never officially shared my news on my blog. I posted it on GITK’s facebook page but never came back here to share.

The big news is that we are moving!! We accepted a transfer from the company my husband works for to Charlotte, North Carolina.

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See it there? Directly north of where we live now in Columbia, South Carolina. We are so excited to be making this move! This is our 3rd move with the company in 5.5 years. We moved to Georgia from Ohio (where we were at College) and then from there to South Carolina…and now Charlotte! This will be a long term move because he will be working as a Senior Design Engineer at their North & South America Corporate Offices. The best part is is that he lovesΒ what he does and we all love the Charlotte area! We already have several friends there so that will definitely help make the transition easier.

Lover Boy will be working up there a couple of days per week starting at the end of this month and then he has to be up there full time by October (so thankful for the flexibility!) We are getting ready to list our house so I’ve been packing up all of the “extra” crap, junk, stuff! πŸ™‚

I am by no means an expert at selling houses but when we sold our house in GA we got very lucky. It took us 8 weeks to sell right after the market crashed even further down. I will tell you though that I busted butt to make sure our house showed the very best each time. My thoughts are you only can make a 1st impression once, so make the very best that you can! Our house was spotless (Lover Boy wants me to pretend that our house is always on the market, ha!) and all of the clutter was gone. When we go house shopping I look inside of the closets, etc for several reasons: 1) I want to see the size of them 2) If they are jam packed with stuff but the rest of the house is nice and tidy I know that they are just putting on a good show. That makes me think that a) the house may not have always been taken care of super well b) what is it going to be like once they vacate? are we going to have tons of messes, hidden stains, holes, etc to clean up after? SO…I like to make sure that my house doesn’t show like that. I depersonalize and remove any excess stuff! Hopefully we’ll have as good of luck selling this house as we did last time!

Once I get it show ready (will be a couple of weeks because Lover Boy has a few projects to finish up as well…he’s been traveling like a mad man lately, plus he’s finishing up his 1st semester of his MBA so spare time isn’t really on our side at the moment) I’ll post pictures of it.

In the meantime if you know of anyone looking for a house in Lexington, SC send them our way! πŸ™‚



  1. Congrats!! I’m sure it will be a good move for you and your fam. I have to say I HATE moving!! The packing and unpacking is such a huge pain. You are right though it’s a great time to get rid of a bunch of stuff.:)

    1. Thanks Kadie! Yeah my “get-rid of” pile is beyond huge…it’s overflowing into the crawlspace of our house! haha πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for sharing, Stephanie! I am going through the same right now and it is nice to find some nice tips! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  3. Your first tip is so important for moving! We had a move where we procrastinated packing until the last week, and it was so hectic! So you are right, make sure you have the right moving equipment, enough boxes, and start packing early!

  4. Jamie Will says:

    Wow… Congrats Stephanie! You’re moving story was a example to encourage for those afraid when leaving they’re home town. Love It!

  5. Very well said Stephanie… I’m planning for big moving different in you, but, your words is important. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Michael Hurley says:

    Honestly, I am scared to leave my hometown, Stephanie! Because, being homesick and missing my friends and family is my weakness. LOL! Moreover, I love of what you accomplished in your life.

  7. Richard Wildman says:

    I’ve been always thinking if I have a good future or I’ll be vigorous when move to the other places like across country, but I have also mindset that I had the answer till I get there, I know moving is difficult that’s why I’m here now to take some advice’s and hear the testimony of successful moving abroad like this article I finished reading just right now. Moreover, thank you so much Stephanie, for sharing tips in moving.

    I will note the important words. πŸ˜€

  8. Impressive and has a good insights of moving.

    Keep posting, Stephanie! You are such a great writer.

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