Grow Your Own Butterfly Kit: Fun for Kids!

My kids and I were outside playing in our yard today when we found a beautiful butterfly laying in the grass. We stopped her up and had fun letting her crawl all over us!

butterfly 1 butterfly 2 butterfly 3 butterfly 4 butterfly 5 butterfly 6

After she flew away my kids BEGGED me to buy them another Butterfly Kit like we had had in the past. So of course I did…because I’m a sucker for hands on learning experiences.

The Butterfly Kits are super awesome and really fun for not only kids but adults too!

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When you order this kit: **which is a super good deal price wise, believe me, I’ve done my research!

You receive a butterfly home, which is like a pop up zippered tent, 5 caterpillars and the food needed.

Follow the directions and you’ll have beautiful butterflies in just a couple of weeks!

It’s really neat watching the caterpillars go through all of their stages of life! Once they are butterflies you release them into the wild and watch them fly away!

A great hands on learning experience for all ages!


  1. This is so cool, Stephanie! I am going to order one for the kids for this summer 🙂

    1. it really is! we got out butterflies last week and they are already starting to grow into bigger caterpillars! my kids love them!

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