Shaklee Spring Conference: Chapel Hill

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This weekend I attended a conference in Chapel Hill for Shaklee’s Spring Spectacular. The focus was about Creating Your Legacy and Successful Business Building Tips.  I was so honored when I was asked to speak and share both in the AM & PM sessions about my own personal business success as well as teaching others how to use social media effectively.

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I first shared about my ROCK STAR team! My entire team has been built in 5 months. Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.25.48 PM

All of these fantastic people have joined me by beginning their very own Shaklee businesses. It was such a joy to me to get to share with 200+ people about my team and why it has been so successful in such a short amount of time.

I ran Cross Country & Track competitively for 10 years, I even had a college scholarship. Throughout my running days I was under the leadership of different coaches. From them and the experiences I had I was able to learn so much in regards to running my own team. I know first hand that if you have a coach who is dedicated, willing to help you achieve, caring and helpful you will most likely perform much better. If you have a coach who doesn’t show you success, doesn’t help or appreciate you you are much more likely to not give any care or concern about personal advancement or development. Coaching can be tricky – but knowing your individual team players on a personal basis will greatly help you as the coach in terms of communicating with them effectively and getting positive results. To illustrate my point I shared with everyone I shared this: If you are a college football recruit going to the NFL you don’t want to be picked up by a team who is the worst in the league, who is never going to win any games and has a bad coach. You want to be apart of the team that is going to make it to the Super Bowl and win. So you can walk around with that ring on your finger and brag that you were apart of a successful team and that they helped you achieve all of your own personal dreams. Think about it, who wants to be apart of a losing team? You’re making a decision to do something different – you’re making yourself vulnerable by joining a company that has a business model like “all those annoying people who just try to be your friend so they can make a sale”. You need to know you’re joining a team that has success, has leadership, and has the ability to help YOU get to where it is YOU want to go…not just in business, but in life. I’m confident that my team members feel this way.


chapel hill6

It was pretty exciting to share this…




In the afternoon I was asked to teach a 30 minute session on the power of social media.

Screenshot 2015-03-24 14.04.34

In an effort to really prove the power of social media I did a fun little “exercise” in sharing a photo and in less than 10 hours the photo had been seen by 4,130 people. The next day it was seen by 5,888. Today (3 days later) it has been seen by 5,938 people. Pretty incredible.

I wrote this and shared it on my personal Facebook page:

Surround yourself by greatness so you to may become great.
A good leader shows and connects her team to those who are wise and teaches them in their ways.
The conference in Chapel Hill was exactly this. Dreams are accomplished by those who aren’t afraid to take chances. They were designed to be GREAT!

I made it a point to make sure I introduced my team members that were with me to the absolute best. It’s not only inspiring, it’s motivational and makes you realize those “big dreams” are in fact attainable!

chapel hill7

Craig Cushman, Vice President of Sales for Eastern USA and Canada – not enough words to describe how AWESOME he is. The very first event he did with Shaklee was with my team!! I learned so much from him that it forever changed the way I ran my business. He holds a special place in my heart. He is like the motivational pastor that you could just listen to alllll day long. You’re saying “AMEN” the entire time he’s talking. He’s just so cool!

chapel hill5

My girls Jessica, Sandi and I with Bob Ferguson a Senior Master Coordinator.

chapel hill1

Us again with Dr. Daggy, Chief Science Officer and Senior Vice President of Research & Development.
chapel hill2

Betsy is a “Shaklee Mom” with me. 60 moms were selected to be put into two teams of 30 to work with Shaklee Corporate to work towards certain goals and be a support group for each other. Betsy is special to me because she lives in the town in South Carolina that we moved to North Carolina from!! Small world!

chapel hill3

….and my most favorite picture from the event…HAHA! The company Craig worked for before coming to Shaklee was the company that one of my most favorite business teachers  Sarah Robbins works for!!! I of course had asked Craig if he knew Sarah like a giddy little kid in a candy shop…and of course he did. So he sent our picture to her and she replied!! HAHA I’m a dork but was so stoked!

chapel hill4

We had such a great time and I’m beyond excited for my girls to take off in their businesses and develop into the women they were meant to be!!!


I would LOVE for you to join our team! We have what it takes to be successful all while having fun while changing people’s lives!





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