California: Yosemite National Park, Vernal Falls, Nevada Falls, Mirror Lake & Yosemite Valley – Day 4

If you’ve been following along on our Trip To California you know that I earned this trip for FREE because of my Shaklee business!! How awesome is that?!?! Seriously, who wouldn’t want a free trip to California!! (want to earn a free trip for yourself and a guest?? Join my team!!) My husband and I really enjoyed the 8 days we spent in California!

Here’s what we did on Day 4 – Tons more hiking and gorgeous views!! *Also check out my hiking essentials here!

Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls:


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Lower Yosemite Falls:IMG_6208





Vernal Falls:



We filled our water bottles with fresh water from the stream and then filtered it with our Sawyer Water Filter.This thing is AMAZING and so convenient!!! It’s one of my featured items on my Hiking Essentials for Women list! – it’s on there along with the foldable water pouch!



We then continued on to Nevada Falls



YouTube video


We sat right next to the waterfall and ate lunch! Shaklee Meal Bars! 20 grams of hunger-fighting protein! Just what we needed!

IMG_6352…and some fresh mountain water. Honestly, it was so good!


Doesn’t everyone who hikes 15 miles carry little travel chairs with them?? haha! Clayton bought two of these chairs last year at REI and wants to take them everywhere! I always make fun of him so he decided to bust it out on top of Nevada Falls. I was too cool to take mine out 🙂

IMG_6378After lunch we continued on to the John Muir trail – which is basically all switchbacks. There were some pretty incredible views!


IMG_6387IMG_6390IMG_6393IMG_6394IMG_6400IMG_6401IMG_6403Once we finished the John Muir Trail we hopped on one of the free Trams offered by Yosemite and headed to Mirror Lake.

Who doesn’t love starting off hikes with warnings like this:



Mirror Lake:IMG_6413IMG_6414IMG_6415

Yummm…kind of creepy!IMG_6416

We then headed to the Valley and grabbed a bite to eat.

IMG_6417There was a little squirrel who kept getting inside and running beneath the tables looking for food. It was so cute!

Once we finished eating we decided to head down to the Valley meadows and go for another hike…because you know we hadn’t hiked enough at 15 miles already for the day!! Ahh!

Here is a gorgeous view of Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls.IMG_6423


YouTube video



And there you have it…the end of our stay in Yosemite. We stayed one more night and then the next morning headed to San Francisco for my Shaklee New Directors Conference I earned!!  My pictures don’t do Yosemite justice. It honestly is so much more beautiful and grand than the camera can take in! I highly encourage you to visit!!

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Day 4

Shaklee New Directors Conference


If you would like to learn more about how you could earn a trip to California for yourself please join my team!! We are a group of Moms and Dads from all over the country trying to create a healthier and happier future for our families and communities! 


Our team!!

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