Repurposing Advertisement Mailers Into Framed Art

Have you ever received those interesting advertising postcards in the mail and wondered what to do with them? How about turning them into awesome framed art for your home! Explore this great idea for giving vintage ads a stylish makeover. Add a touch of nostalgia and DIY creativity to your home decor!

Vintage Ad Postcards DIY: From Mail to Frame-Worthy Decor | Gathered In The Kitchen

It’s that time of the year where our mailbox is bursting with advertisements from all over the place! Department store flyers, sporting goods flyers, horse tack flyers, and so much more. Most of which I really have no care to look at – because we literally need nothing else to ever enter into this house! 😂 Anyone else feel me?!?!

However, the other day, we received a printed advertisement card from the theater (think plays, concerts, etc type theater) and the design on the front was absolutely beautiful! I instantly thought that I could not throw that one into recycling! I had to save it!

Repurposed Advertisements into Framed Art | Gathered In The Kitchen

Here’s how I transformed this card into a piece of framed art!

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I grabbed a few supplies and transformed the card into a pretty piece of framed art and placed it on our living room mantle.

gold picture frame, vintage postcard for stephanie weill center in Sheboygan, Wi and a pair of green scissors
  1. Take the glass out of the frame
  2. Lay the glass on top of the advertisement, trace the outline of the glass onto the print
  3. Cut off the excess paper
  4. Place in frame, re-secure and decorate!
How to Repurpose Postcards into Framed Art | Gathered In The Kitchen
Repurposed Postcards into Framed Art | Gathered In The Kitchen

I played around with placing the framed art in several different areas of my living room. I think it looks super pretty on my mantle and (which is kind of a hodge podge still at the moment…it may be the middle of December, but I’m still bringing out Christmas decor from the attic and trying things in different areas of my home this year. haha!

Vintage Ad Postcards DIY: From Mail to Frame-Worthy Decor | Gathered In The Kitchen
Vintage Ad Postcards DIY: From Mail to Frame-Worthy Decor | Gathered In The Kitchen

But I think I like it best on the wooden tray on our ottoman! However, now I need to decide if I’ll keep the real evergreen next to it? Or my glass pines? Which does do you like?

Repurposed Postcards into Framed Art | Gathered In The Kitchen
Repurposed Postcards into Framed Art | Gathered In The Kitchen

As you can see, transforming ordinary postcards into pretty framed art is not only a creative endeavor but also a delightful way to add character and charm to your living spaces. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home decor or just have fun creating a simple DIY, this project is perfect for both! (p.s. here’s the tutorial for how to distress wooden spindles)

So head on out to your mailbox and check to see if you have any pretty advertisement mailers waiting for you to turn into framed art! If not, how about using one of the pretty Christmas cards you receive!?!? The possibilities are endless!

Don’t hesitate to give it a try and let your imagination run wild. Share your beautiful creations with me either in the comments or on social media, and if you found these ideas inspiring, please hit the share button to spread the crafting joy with your friends and fellow DIY enthusiasts. Happy crafting!

Repurposing Advertisement Mailers Into Framed Art | Gathered In The Kitchen

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  1. Great reuse Stephanie! Wish we got great mailers like that!

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