Packing for Maine

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that Lover Boy and I 1. love traveling 2. like to go on pretty jam packed trips.

We’re getting ready to finish out the Eastern Seaboard up to Maine in 1.5 weeks. We booked my mom’s flight to come down from Chicago to watch the dogs (really weird that she will only have 2 dogs now to watch…ohhh how we are still so badly missing Bella). Our movers are starting their 3 day pack session tomorrow at our SC house and then will unload in NC on Thursday. We’ll be in the new house for 6 days before we leave for our trip…so, in order to be prepared I’ve been working on packing us up now! (oh yeah, did I mention, we’re tent camping this trip?)

We’ll be gone for 9 days and plan to travel 1,100 miles north (with a projected 2,500 mile coverage in the 9 days). We’ve got some totally awesome stops planned out along the way – I can’t wait to show you where we go! But with the extreme trip planned, it calls for extreme packing. I thought I’d just show you how we pack and show you it’s not that hard really to be prepared for that many days.


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We pack everybody’s outfits for each day into 1 ziplock baggie. That way 1. it makes it way easier to find an outfit 2. you’re not making a mess in your suitcase (or in our case, Rubbermaid bins) 3. Easy to take to the shower/bathroom when camping 4. because our luggage sits outside on the back end of our car on the hitch luggage rack it ensures that our clothes don’t get wet in case it rains

In each bag I pack clothes that will be for the entire day, regardless of weather. I pack short sleeves, shorts, long sleeves, pants, undies and socks. So when we go out on hikes, it’s really easy to just grab 1 bag and stick it in the backpacks the kids ride in.

Then I stick them in the Rubbermaid containers and am able to fit way more than if the clothes were not in ziplock bags.

For mine and Lover Boy’s clothes we use the extra large ziplock baggies (2.5 gallons), 12 bags for $3. After our trip, we’ll just put the empty bags back into the bins and reuse them on our next trip! 🙂

We’re getting so excited and the kids are totally pumped! They can’t wait to see whales, lobsters and ride on some ancient wooden boats!


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