How to Revive Mums After They’ve Died

The point in sharing this post on my blog is to tell you that:

1) It’s OK to neglect your plants from time to time…well, OK I’m not really sure that that is good advice, however, it worked for me!

2) We had Pizza Hut for dinner last night therefore I didn’t cook

3) The jalepenos on the pizza were out of this world mean (I even pulled them off and didn’t eat them, but the pizza was still spicy). In turn, my little guy had a rough night due to me eating the spicy pizza! So this morning I’m tired and not in the mood to make some big elaborate breakfast

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This past fall I had set up in our front yard (I can only find a picture on my cell phone. It looks extremely nice with a huge shadow of me in it, doesn’t it?)

Notice the pretty fully bloomed mums?
Well this is what they looked like after neglecting them all winter on the back deck. Aren't they just beautiful?!? A few days before it had been suggested that I toss them in the bonfire we were having! Thank goodness I decided not to because a few days later Little Finch and I did this:
We stuck the mums one by one in big garbage bags and cut away at the dead stuff (I have no idea if this is a good or bad time of year to be doing this to them, but I figured if they survived the winter they would survive this!)
What?!?! What kind of mother would allow her two year old to use these kind of scissors? Not me of course! ~ I tell you, she forced me into giving them to her! She's manipulative in so many ways (completely unlike her mother!) šŸ˜‰
At least I was right there photographing her making sure she didn't cut herself! I'm a good mom! (wait, where's my little man?)
There he is! In his exersaucer playing with his toys! šŸ™‚ phew! OK, now that all of the kids are accounted for, back to the Mums!
Much better, kid friendly scissors!
Amazing! Look at that! Hard to believe that this was hiding behind all of that dead stuff!             Happy Gardening!Love,*Little Sparrow

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