Toffee, Pecan, Caramel Coffee

Growing up my parents did not drink coffee, therefore we never had it in the house unless we were having people over who liked it. I remember the very first time I tired it. We were hosting a YMCA Indian Princess meeting and a bunch of the dads were drinking coffee. My sister and I decided that we wanted to see what all of the hype was about. We poured a cup (it was cold by the time we got around to it) and for some reason tried it standing outside in our front yard. Oh my gosh! It was disgusting! I remember spitting it out in the grass vowing to the Heaven’s that I would never drink that nasty stuff again as long as they would rid my mouth of the horrible taste!

I hadn’t tried it again until High School. My best friend Stephanie loved coffee. She got me to try it again. We used to hit up White Hen Pantry and Seven Eleven to get their instant French Vanilla or English Toffee (I always mixed mine with half hot chocolate to drown out the coffee taste).

The two Stephanie's! This was a common pose for us back then! Don't ask me why!

One Fall, Starbucks was featuring their Caramel Apple Cider drink. We both fell in love with it…so much that one day we bought a whole jug of Apple Cider, a jar of caramel, and a can of whip cream. We drank ourselves silly on that stuff! We drank so much of it that I couldn’t even drink it until just last year (9 years later, but who’s counting!)

During our recent family trip back to Illinois, Stephanie and I had the opportunity to grab a cup of coffee. Earlier that day I had been going through boxes (and I mean BOXES!!) of pictures that I hadn’t taken along with me when I moved out to go to college. I brought some of them with me on our little coffee gathering away from the kiddos! We died laughing looking at some of the photos, remembering funny stories, and remembering what our friendship used to be like. We had such a great time.

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Cross Country State Meet Awards Ceremony
This has always been my favorite picture of us. We look/were so young here!
High School Graduation - Celebrating by smoking (well trying on my part) our first cigars

The other day I told her that I wish we were able to go out for coffee. But living 900 miles apart makes that virtually impossible! So in her honor I decided to make a cup for myself! I concocted this crazy, yet delicious combination (although, this would kill Stephanie because she’s allergic to nuts! So it looks like she’ll be sticking to the Caramel Apple Cider!) 😉

In the coffee grinder grind up some Heath bits and pecans
Add Caramel

(Homemade Caramel that I made this weekend)

Mix it all into your favorite blend of coffee (amounts of each item vary depending upon your preference)

Top it off with cool whip! Amazing!!!!

Drink it while looking at old pictures…

I had to post this one Steph!! 🙂 sorry!


  1. Nicely done … and Look at those HOT BANGS! 🙂

  2. Rebecca Vander Hamm says:

    This coffee sounds good! I wish I had a coffee maker :(. Glad you two were able to reconnect during your visit home!

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