Hello world!

Hello world! I have finally decided to get back into blogging. I have been meaning to for a really long time now (really, I have! I just usually decide to waste my time doing other things and not being “productive”…wait, is blogging productive? ahhh who cares!!—back on topic)…Back on May 16, 2006 I posted my very first post at: http://rupunzil.blogspot.com/  – ahhh back when I was still a spring chicken! I had initially created that blog for two reasons: 1) the lady I babysat for (www.foodmomiac.com) had a food blog which I loved reading and guess I wanted to be on the uppity up and have a blog myself 2) I wanted a way to share what in the heck was going on in my life with my family (who I might add thought that this was the most ridiculous idea ever! “A what? A clog? Oh, a blog? What the heck is that? That doesn’t sound safe! You should not put pictures of yourself out ‘there’ on the internet” so said my mother who is seriously still skeptical of email!!

So anyway, I started a blog. Whoop di do! I posted stuff about Clayton (who will also be referred to as Lover Boy – posts to follow one day in the next century), our insane dogs, where to live, jobs, food, wedding and babies…well OK so I never even updated it to post the birth of our second baby, (so here’s a brief overview…he is smiley, happy, giggly, poopy and pukey at any given moment of the day) 🙂

You may be asking yourself why then did I create a new blog and a totally new name…and what the heck does Gathered In The Kitchen mean? – Wow! so many questions! First, I decided to make a new blog with wordpress.com because it apparently is the better blog site…yet, as you can tell I have no clue how to use it yet! Lover Boy is going to have to give me a tutorial on all of these crazy words like “widgit” and what not…what?!?!?! what the heck is a widgit? Aoi Vey! I have no idea what I got myself into! OK OK back on track…secondly, I named my blog ‘Gathered In The Kitchen’ because that is where most of the fun usually happens…me scrubbing away at dishes while I watch everyone play and enjoy themselves! HA, if that were true I wouldn’t have 5 dishwasher loads sitting on my counters waiting to be washed! (I’m serious, I even took a picture! I’m sooo failing at this ‘Stay At Home Mom’ gig!! No, I named it this because I have a new fond love for food (which my waistline is definitely sporting) AND before kids Lover Boy and I spent so much time in there (from me watching him cook, to sanding/staining cabinets, tiling backsplashes, installing cabinetry hardware, laying new flooring, painting the walls 3 times to find the perrrrfect color—all of which took place at our old house in GA) AND I like to sit at the table and talk while we eat AND I like to stand with the fridge door open and eat frosting AND I like to put fresh flowers there AND I now like to cook and take 349,174 pictures of my food (well I guess I started liking that back when I had my old blog) AND I took this picture of these strawberries there  AND that’s where we all reconnect as a family after a long day (my favorite part of the day!) AND…and the list goes on and on! So, are those enough reasons for ya? Lets hope so because otherwise this will be a blog no one visits!

Anyway, this blog is simply here for me to keep track of my life! To remember the good the bad and sure the ugly (meals that I may make from time to time) about family, love, food, and life in general.

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Hope you will visit again and leave comments about my babbling!


*Little Sparrow  (I will mail $1 to the first person to leave a comment here about who in the diddely diddely land Little Sparrow is!)


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  2. Nanette Bruce says:

    I seriously just finished my homework and a note popped up that I had new mail, so I read your blog. It’s great! Made my day! Now for some rest. I’ll check back in soon to follow your blog, and maybe I’ll learn about blogging from you. Have fun in your kitchen. It’s the happening place to be when your a mom with a family.

  3. Rebecca Vander Hamm says:

    Ok. You got the name Little Sparrow from Indian Princesses…a daddy-daughter organization that we were involved in growing up. Camping at Camp Edwards, selling candy, egg tosses, looking for snipes (LOL), canoe trips, making ginger bread houses, car races, swimming at the YMCA and so much more! FUN TIMES! Our tribes name was Tamaroa….hence your daughters name :). You were Little Sparrow, I was Red Bird, Dad was Flying Eagle, and Stevie was ???…what was Stevie….something Hawk???? I don’t remember. Maybe you do? Alright, I will be looking for my dollar in the mail ;).

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