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OK, some of you may know by now that I’m just a bit obsessed with The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond. (my blog is a totally pathetic knock-off version of hers!…we’ll just call it a tribute to her! 😉 ) She’s hilarious, inspirational, witty, smart and super super giving! And…she’s just plain cool, something I wish I was! Now I’ve never met Ree but I think I shall share some reasons as to why I believe her and I were meant to be the bestest friends in the whole world!

OK lets begin:

Ree Stephanie
She lives on a ranch in Oklahoma I have a very public love obsession with Oklahoma (my husband refers to it as “God’s Country when using the words Oklahoma and Stephanie in the same sentence”
She’s married to a real live cowboy I’m married to a “wanna-be” cowboy (who wants to retire to WY and own a buffalo ranch!)
Did I mention she fell for a cowboy in OK? Yeah that’s something I’ve done before too…several trips out to OK for a cowboy (until Lover Boy brought me back to my senses)
She refers to her husband as Marlboro Man I refer to my husband as Lover Boy
She has four kids I have two but want four (so does LB)
She has a dog who smells like Fritos I have three dogs that smell like Fritos (and I actually love it…it’s my #2 favorite smell…psychotic, I know)
She lives with cows My #3 favorite smell is cow/horse manure (I know, I know!! I have never claimed to be “normal!”)
She likes to cook and is awesome at it I like to cook and am desperately trying to make meals that don’t make people throw up
She’s amazing at photography I love photography and always have and I’m trying trying trying to get better!
She nursed her babies While I read her cookbook and she talked about doing so I was doing the exact same thing!!
Her husband had an older brother pass away My ex-boyfriend (why I originally went to OK in the first place) had a brother pass away while we were dating
Her parents were in the process of getting divorced when her and MM were getting married My in-laws were in the process of getting divorced while LB and I were dating
She breaks out in song to Ethel Merman I break out into obnoxious song to Whitney Houston’s “and I, e IIIII will always love yoooou!” and “shoe be do be do boop boop ahh, ahh” by Annie Lenox
She has sweating issues when nervous I have sweating issues when nervous
She swears Spanx I wear spandex running tights when running (running-when the Holy Spirit moves me, may I mention that it is not very often)
At MM’s cousin’s wedding she had a sweat attack and ended up in the bathroom and had to remove her dress… That was me at my wedding reception. I started getting super sick and my dress felt like it weighed 2,931 pounds and just had to take it off to breath (it was not because I didn’t want to be married…I really just got sick which lasted through our honeymoon…boo!)
She loves her MM and kids more than anything in the world I’m beyond obsessed with my LB and kiddos!
The number one reason as to why she and I are destined to be the very bestest of friends in the entire world…she always has laundry to do! No matter who I neglect, which meal I choose not to cook, which bathroom I chose not to clean, no matter what time I decide to go to bed – I ALWAYS HAVE DIRTY LAUNDRY!!!…It haunts me while I’m awake, it haunts me while I sleep. I’m suffocating in laundry. And you know what? I’ve learned to get over it! There’s always gotta be a clean shirt somewhere in my way too stuffed closet!


(*after reading the book I also have to say that I got REALLY sick on my honeymoon and couldn’t eat my $100 meal…boo hoo!!!)

And this my friends is why Ree and I were meant to be best friends. I could keep on going. I could tell her this. However, I will most definitely not be sharing this for she probably would have a restraining order issued against me!

OH… you want me to get back to my main point as to what’s here!! …HER BOOK!!!!

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels –

I chose not to pre-order it because I’m no good at waiting on the mail man! I would have gone crazy waiting for him to get here around 2pm…so instead I drug my children out in the cold, ventured into the store and bought it (way before 2pm I might add)…and I read it was tempted to read it while driving home…but my better judgement got the best of me (plus I was afraid I’d get a ticket!)

So I shall sign off to the world, my dogs, my husband, my children (ok maybe not the kids) and submerge myself in her true love story.

Adios, Au revoir, peace out…


  1. Did you see her on The Today Show this morning? So fun! I might have to try a couple of her recipes for the Super Bowl…

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