How To Recover a Lamp Shade Tutorial

How to update a lamp shade and take it from drab to fab! Don’t spend tons of money on fancy designer lampshades – pick one up at the thrift store and recover it with these 6 simple steps!

How many times have you walked into Goodwill and looked at a lamp and thought “man that “could” be a cute lamp but didn’t know how to make it cute?  Or think I’m not sure how to recover a lampshade? I used to do it all of the time until now!! I found this gold floor lamp with lampshade for only $5.99!! I just had to buy it! I brought it home and my husband said “where the heck did you get that ugly thing? I hope you didn’t pay for it!” – bahaha, oh the joys of husbands 🙂

I’ll be honest, it was sitting in place for 2 months until I had a moment to redo it! …and now I’m in love!! What do you guys think?

lamp redoA

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Let me show you how I made it!




-Spray Paint of Choice, I like this one

Spray Glue

Hot glue gun (needed for bias tape)

-Fabric of Choice

Fabric Scissors

Bias Tape (be sure to choose a color that matches well with your fabric)

lamp redo1

  1. Start by removing your lampshade from the lamp
  2. Remove the current bias tape (if there is any) and the fabric
  3. Use the fabric you pulled off as your pattern for the new cover
  4. Cut out new fabric
  5. Spray glue the fabric on the wrong side and adhere it to the lampshade. Trim with scissors where necessary
  6. Attach bias tape with glue (may use hot glue if it’s too difficult with the spray glue
  7. Spray paint lamp and allow to dry (optional, if changing lamp color)

Ta Da!! So easy huh?!?!?!

Do you guys love it as much as I do?  You can choose whatever fabric you want and the possibilities are endless!!! There are no longer any excuses for ugly lamps!!

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