Handmade Personalized Baby Shower Gifts

Our Best Man and his wife are expecting their first babies – TWINS!! One boy, one girl!! So in honor of the little bundles of joy, a few of her family members hosted a baby shower. That meant I got to get creative!! Woot woot! I love having the excuse to to make new things! (note: if you don’t like handmade things, don’t invite me! :-p)

Check out what I made!


These plastic baskets I bought at Dollar Tree. They are great for so many reasons! Not only do they make cute gift baskets but they work awesome in the bath tub to hold all of those pesky bath toys!…and the water can drain out!  —Also, I made the bows of ribbon that can hold up outside, so they can be placed on their mailbox once the babies arrive!

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Personalized diaper clutches with velcro closures. I also put in a few diapers and a package of wipes in each clutch. The wristlet clutch is for the to-be big sister. She is quite a bit older so I wanted to make sure she had something special as well…and matched her to-be brother and sister.babygift3a

Personalized carseat covers – I made these carseat covers with velcro closures and then monogrammed them with the babies names.babygift4a

A few fun bibs!babygift5a

Doggy treats for their dog when they bring the babies home. I remember when I was pregnant with our oldest someone had suggested having treats to bring home to the dogs (we had 3) at that time so they wouldn’t be “all over” the baby. babygift6

Just a few other little goodies I threw in the gift baskets.

What do you do for baby showers? Do you buy off of their registry? Give a gift card? or try your hand at creating your own gifts?!?!


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