Cheerwine Float

A Root Beer Float is one of the most widely known summer treats out there. Whenever I think about a Root Beer Float I always think of some 1950’s Soda Shop and kids sipping down their floats on high bar stools. I genuinely wish that that iconic image was part of my childhood but being born a few decades later it just wasn’t in the cards. So, I have to live those dreams out in movies AND…one day in the future open up my own Soda Shop. (no joke, this is something Lover Boy and I have discussed for in our retirement!)

So while I’m dreaming, let me introduce you to my most favorite float – a Cheerwine Float!

cheerwine1Now, there’s a good chance some of you have never heard of this pop (yep, I call it pop). It’s a Southern “soda”. Whenever we have visitors from back where we grew up (in Illinois) everyone always falls in love with it! (when we travel “home” for Christmas we will be making Cheerwine deliveries to Ohio and Illinois, lol!) It is cherry flavored but tastes nothing (and I repeat, nothing) like Cheery 7-UP or Cheery Ginergale, etc. It has it’s very own distinct flavor. Ironically, I’m not the biggest fan of it without ice cream. That being said only because I’m not a dark pop fan. But…mix it with some ice cream and you’ve just created heaven!


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If you don’t live by a retailer that carries it, you can order a 24 pack HERE…and believe me, you should! You will be so glad you did!

Now back to dreaming about my Soda Shop! 🙂

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