Grilled Asparagus

I was first introduced to grilled asparagus by Foodmomiac who I babysat for in Toledo, OH during college. Danielle and Michael had invited Lover Boy and I over for dinner one evening and we enjoyed spare ribs and asparagus. I had never had asparagus before (I’ve told ya, we never had anything other than the “normal” corn, potatoes, and green beans growing up) but fell in LOVE with their grilled asparagus. Of course, not wanting to look totally stupid (which is something I have to try really hard at most of the time) I casually asked how they made it. I’m positive I am not making it the way that they did, but I caught the main gist of it…lemon pepper. So here is my ill attempt at reproducing their amazing grilled asparagus. (p.s. this is how I’ve made it now for the past 6 years and still love it!)

Want to make some too?

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Cut off the bottoms of your asparagus by lining up the heads together. Pick up one asparagus and hold one end in one hand and the other end in the other hand. Like you were trying to snap a pencil in half, snap the asparagus. Use this as a guide to cut off the ends on the rest of asparagus. (Have I totally lost you?!?) See that shortie on up there in the picture?? That's the guide
Grab any ol' lemon pepper seasoning...and place asparagus in a ziplock baggie
Sprinkle lemon pepper over asparagus in the baggie
Drizzle in about 2tbs of EVOO to coat the asparagus generously. Zip the bag and shake. **It's best if you can put it in the fridge and let it soak up all of the lemon pepper goodness for a couple of hours, but if you don't have time it will be OK
Place on grill and cook until they are tender avoiding letting them blacken. If you want, you can place a piece of tin foil on the grill and lay the asparagus on top of it so they aren't touched by the flame
Serve along steaks, ribs, noodles, chicken if you like that kind of stuff :-)...whatever floats your boat!


*Little Sparrow

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