Ruffled Linen Throw Pillows

When we moved in to our house the master bedroom was and still is a light blue. I’m OK with it but it looked horrible with our almost lime green Pottery Barn bedding. In an effort to not tackle one.more.annoying painting.project on the house I decided that we just needed new bedding. One day as I was perusing Goodwill I found this duvet cover along with 3 matching shams brand new in the package from Target. I bought all of them and only paid $12. Score! (Did you know that Target donates their extra items to Goodwill? Yeah, you can really get some nice stuff for a steal of a price!) Anywho, the colors in the bedding now compliment the walls so much better and actually give us a fresh new look (we’ve been using our PB set for almost 6 years now but I still love it beyond words can describe! *it is in the guest bedroom right now). However, I really did not like the way the pillows just blended with the cover. It looked totally blah and had no dimension. So I took a sham to the craft store and bought some coordinating linen fabric. I sat down at my sewing machine late one night with not a single idea of what the pillows should look like, etc but within minutes I had started crafting some uniques accent pieces.

I figured out how to sew button holes on my machine (way awesome!!) for the larger pillows covers.

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These are my favorite. I call the the His & Hers Pillows. An off to the left ruffled linen and lace flower Hers pillow along with the ruffled tuxedo styled His pillow.

I like these so much and had so much fun making them that I have added them to my etsy shop.

I think that this was a much easier option than repainting our bedroom!

What do you think about them?

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