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It’s that time of year again, time to send the kids back to school. But we all know what comes with going back to school – SICKNESS!! The dreaded runny nose, cough, and occasional fever. What an awful way to welcome in the new school year.

Why does this happen each year? Well, there’s several reasons!

1. Lack of Exposure to Germs:

Kids have been home all summer and not around as many people as they typically are during the school year so they aren’t being exposed to as many germs.

2. Stress:

Kids bodies go through a lot of stress having to wake up early, new friends/classmates/teachers, learning new material and then studying hard for tests. You may notice signs of loss of appetite, increased appetite, headaches, crying, sleeplessness and/or oversleeping – these are all signs of stress.

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3. Poor Nutrition:

We all know how the school day mornings go – Wake up, rush around getting ready and out the door as fast as you can. So many kids (including mine sometimes) skip breakfast or eat an inadequate breakfast. We’ve all heard it before, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. The food we eat gives us the energy to begin the day. One of the most important nutrients we need is protein. Not having protein in the morning causes us to have midmorning to early afternoon slumps and/or binge eating. I personally am guilty of this. I totally recognize a difference when I skip my protein in the morning.

Wouldn’t it be great to give your kids the best start to the school year possible?

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Proper nutrition is the building blocks of a happy, healthy school year.

  • Studies show that kids with inadequate nutrient intake perform poorly in school
  • Poor nutrition negatively impacts a child’s immune system, bone growth, and overall physical development
  • In a recent study, 55% of children tested had low levels of vitamin D, which is critical for bone building
  • The immune system has been shown to be activated by lactoferrin, a milk protein also found in breast milk

As a mom I have done extensive research trying to find the very best multivitamin for my kids. I know that they don’t eat everything that they need to in a day – lets face it, they’re kids with picky tastebuds…and I’m a busy mom who sometimes has to take meal shortcuts. So I need to make sure those nutritional gaps are filled in with supplementation. I chose to give my kids Incredivites – they have everything my kids need to be healthy growing kids!


Curious to see how your vitamins compare to other brands? Check it out HERE

Omega-3s are important for children’s health

  • DHA is an essential omega-3 fatty acid that affects early brain and eye development
  • Studies show that many kids do not get enough of this important ingredient
  • Foods high in DHA – such as sardines, tuna and organ meats such as liver – are not kids’ favorites
  • Eating large amounts of fish can lead to unhealthy exposure to mercury and other environmental toxins, which can be especially harmful to children

I don’t know about you but my kids would definitely NEVER get these crucial omega-3s if it was not for Mighty Smart Chews. Seriously, I don’t know about you but foods that are hight in omegas are not my kids favorites…heck! Who am I kidding? They’re not mine either! So it is that much more important that I give my kids supplements here because they would most definitely be lacking…and I noticed it first hand when my son had eczema. Once I added in the Mighty Smart Chews his eczema went completely away!


70% of the immune system lives in the gut – Building a healthy immune system is crucial!

Probiotics are very powerful and help achieve just that! I really learned about the importance probiotics play when I was dealing with my son’s eczema. My kids take Shaklee Optiflora Probiotic daily.

  • Restores beneficial micro-organisms to lower intestines which is lost from antibiotics, diarrhea, steroids and other medications
  • Keeps undesirable bacteria and yeasts in check
  • Strengthens the immune system


Shaklee’s probiotic is unique because it actually guarantees live delivery of the good flora to the gut (the lower intestine)…that’s what you want! Stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) kills the good flora before it ever even reaches the gut making most brands of probiotic not effective. Shaklee has a patent on it’s delivery system of probiotic. It is triple encapsulated and each little layer of the tiny pearl sized probiotic dissolves at exactly the right place in the body, with the final destination being the gut!

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Nutritional Support for Busy Mornings

With their on-the-go lives, kids don’t always have time for a sit-down meal. That’s why they need fast food options that are also good for them — choices like low-fat, low-glycemic Shaklee® Meal Shakes.

  • Packs extra nutrition into any meal or snack.
  • 19 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Rich source of calcium and an excellent source of protein — the fundamental nutrients that growing kids and teens need to stay strong and healthy

meal shakes

These are my go-to breakfast shakes in the morning for my kids! It’s so difficult to get 3 little kids out the door, on time, and fed! But I always have enough time to stir some shake with milk in the morning and fill up their travel cups and they drink their breakfast in the car! On mornings when I have more than 30 seconds to prepare breakfast for my kids, I pick one of these 15 delicious protein shakes to give them!


kids back to school kit


Mighty Smarts DHA

Optiflora Probiotic

Other Supportive Supplements

Vitamin C is a fantastic mineral that helps with fighting off the common cold. In fact, Vitamin C actually has so many health benefits! It’s great for helping reduce stress (great for kids with their new schedules!), helps with skin conditions (such as eczema which is very common in kids).

chewable vitamin c

My kids absolutely love taking their Vitamin C every day! They never let me forget to give it to them!


Calcium & Magnesium also play a role in the development of kids. Calcium is fantastic at helping busy kids relax, especially at night. Calcium & Magnesium help promote restful sleep, alleviates growing pains and restless legs.

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It’s never too early to get started on the right track! Set your kids up for success and get them started with the best nutrition possible. 

Here’s to the best year yet!


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