Beach Birthday Party – Beach Themed Party

My daughter turned 5 this past weekend so I threw her a beach themed birthday party at our neighborhood’s beach on the lake. It was a blast…and she said it was the best party ever! Score!

Here are a few of the highlights – when uploading the photos I noticed I didn’t get pictures of everything šŸ™ oh well!


Cupcake tower made out of thrift store plates, candle sticks and cups. Spray painted and glued together with E-6000 glue.


Party favors. I purchased several towels in different colors and monogrammed each kid’s initial on them. I tied on a thank you note with curling ribbon.party5

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Sand art – we actually never ended up getting to this because all of the kids were having so much fun swimming in the lake I hated to make them stop šŸ™‚ But…this was supposed to be the sand art station. I spray painted lids to baby food jars. I could not find colored sand at the store so I put sand from the beach in zip lock baggies and I had food coloring that I was going to mix with it. The kids would have then used the funnels to add in whatever colors they wanted to the baby food jars.


Table decor – various sized glass jars (Mason, Ball, etc). I tied cotton twine around it and then hung seashells we have collected over the years at the ocean. I then filled them with sand and stuck pinwheels in them that I also made and decorated the centers with buttons.


I made these cornhole boards and then painted them with chevron stripes ( to paint those, not! I actually made a template so I’m good to go to make a 100 more chevron sets! lol). I also made coordinating bean bags to go with each board.


These were the cupcake liners that I used above as well as these were the tins th

We had also ordered pizzas which helped cut out me having to cook! Whoop whoop! Overall the party was a ton of fun and I was really happy with how everything turned out!!

Preschool Birthday Celebration:party6

I made this vanilla pudding fairy doll cake for Little Finch’s classroom celebration. Obviously, it was a huge hit! party7

…and because i’m a little bit of an over achiever (ok, a big time over achiever) I made this chocolate chip cookie cake as well! The kids and teachers loved everything!

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