Cucumber Lemon Water Recipe

When I was in college I babysat for a family that made me rethink everything I knew about life. They were so forward in their thinking and ways of life that it was really good for the girl raised in a suburban bubble. In every life decision that I have made since then and continue to make I always think of them and often times ask them for their advice.

They always had Cucumber Lemon Water in the fridge – I had never had it before but instantly fell in love! It was so good! So now for my family, I like to make it every summer!

cucumber lemon water

It’s so easy to make and tastes good even refilled a few times!

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Here’s how you make it!

cucumber lemon water1

Slice your cucumber and lemon – I use about 4 slices of each for my bottle – but you can use as many as you would like depending on how strong you would like it.

cucumber lemon water2

Place cucumbers and lemon in your bottle.

cucumber lemon water3Fill with water

cucumber lemon water4

ENJOY!! Not only is this drink easy to make it’s extra healthy and great for keeping you hydrated in these hot summer months! It also gets the seal of approval from my kids! They love it!


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