Valentine’s Day Gifts & Party

I mentioned in my Red Velvet Cupcakes Filled with Vanilla Pudding post earlier today that I would post about Little Finch’s preschool party…so here ya go!

These were the little gifts I made for each of Little Finch’s classmates – notice the cards match the cupcake toppers I made:

Little Finch’s classroom party:

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Laughing Coyote just loves going to big sis’s school! I think he’s going to be the class clown! 🙂

These are the gifts that I made and bought for our kiddos:

I made these candy cane heart suckers filled with melted candies topped with sprinkles.

The kiddos love looking at photos of our family and dogs so I got them each a little photo album and filled them with favorite old photos. Also, these little snack containers are a favorite at this house! (first found them at Target and now at Wal-Mart) I filled them with Kisses and Marshmallow thingies. And then…the best of all, more toothpaste! Laughing Coyote is obsessed with brushing his teeth and loves lots of toothpaste 🙂 so I know he’ll be excited! (we are celebrating V-day tomorrow because Lover Boy had class tonight for his MBA).

Hope you had a love filled day!

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  1. The toothpaste is funny and thoughtful, lol. Happy VAlentine’s Day, Stephanie.

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